What Makes A Great Video Game Protagonist?

Not entirely convinced by the lead character in Ubisoft’s blockbusting new open-world adventure, Mark Butler explores the qualities and attributes that help make a video game protagonist truly great.

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DanJenkoFMV1326d ago

It's always confused me that so many games have strong supporting casts but bland leads (BF: Bad Company, Far Cry 3 etc). I understand that some games want to make you feel like the protagonist and have pretty non-distinct leads as a result, but it leads to some pretty bland narratives.

Games like The Last Of Us do it right - you're not meant to see yourself as Joel and accept his decisions in the story as the logical choice for him to make.

shodan741326d ago

That's a really interesting point. Personally, I feel that if a developer is going to go to the effort of giving a character a fully-fledged backstory, and have them interact extensively with other people in cut-scenes, it's pretty vital that they inject them with personality and distinctive qualities.

I can see the whole idea of them wanting to make you 'feel like the protagonist', but I'd rather play someone who's interesting or entertaining, and has a bit of depth, than a completely boring, blank, soulless avatar.