Microsoft E3 preview - The games we could see | Gears of War 4?

ArabicGamers writes:

Things didn't go too well for Microsoft and the Xbox One at E3 last year. After revealing the Xbox One as a multimedia device that focused on TV over games it was always going to be hard to get back on a level footing with Sony. Even long-time Xbox players were suddenly feeling betrayed and many eventually made the switch to the PS4.

Fast forward a year and Microsoft isn't actually doing too badly, probably because of the amount of U-turns and policy changes (anyone remember Kinect?). It looks to be in a much better position compared to last year, and big boss man Phil Spencer is promising games, games and more games for E3. Here's a look at some we can expect to see.

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creatchee1506d ago

It's too soon for any in-engine stuff or gameplay from the next Gears. However, I would not rule out a CGI trailer to set the tone for the game (i.e. characters, setting, time period, enemy etc.). Also, 2016 is so far away :(

VforVideogames1506d ago

I just got my xbox one and im having a blast with the free games halo & max , next im going to try hooking up my ps4 trough my xbox one .... I got the whole world in my hands.

Belasco1506d ago

Why didn't you wait for the Kinectless sku?

Belasco1506d ago


It was an honest question, I have Kinect as well and love it. I was just wanted to hear an opinion from someone who has both consoles.

hello121506d ago

I be slightly disappointed if we see nothing of Gears of War. Even a shorter teaser is good enough for me.

Its one of the two reasons why i bought an xb1, the other been dedicated servers promised for the xb1.

Unfortunately we will only get dedicated servers for first party Microsoft games. Sony hasn't got them. So third party developers will not code for it with their games.

IRetrouk1506d ago

You do realise that almost every one of sonys 1st party studios were using dedicated servers right? So how have they got none?

hello121506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Again no games belonging to Sony have got dedicated servers. Why do Sony fans believe otherwise seriously, truly, honestly?

Sony has dedicated servers and they don't shout it from the rooftops?

Where are the Sony datacentres providing the servers to people worldwide?

You guys just look stupid when you claim Sony provides dedicated servers, they don't, and you guys need to stop believing they exist when they don't.

If there is servers on PS4, they belong to a third party developer not Sony. They're multiplat games.

IRetrouk1506d ago

All you have to do is a search online to see what games used dedicated servers, whether sony own them or rent them is irrelevant, they still provide them, I think its you that needs to stop believing your own crap.