Looking back at UFC, and ahead at its New Life

Chris gives an overview of past UFC games and takes and look at the forthcoming release by EA Sports.

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TD_hastetheday1447d ago

Can't wait for the new one!

ThatOneGuyThere1447d ago

its so damn complicated....wish they would have stuck to boxing

osprey191447d ago

The striking is simple enough but the ground game is a little too complicated from the demo, it doesn't help u enough during the tutorial when it comes to the ground game, hope the final product explains it enough during the training parts of the game.

bigbearsack1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Dude, I find this game average. Hardcore UFC fans will love this. The animations running at 30 fps just does not work for me. All sport games need to run at 60 fps, period!
It feels clunky, and un realistic.