Watch MGS V: The Phantom Pain Sneak Peek Before E3 2014 at Kojima Station This Week

Hideo Kojima has confirmed that a sneak peek at Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is coming before E3 at Kojima Station this week. Kojima also revealed that at E3 2014, there will be a trailer of MGS V: The Phantom Pain plus gameplay presentation, main visuals and other assets

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jdubrady1232d ago i'm already really excited for this game. I just need patience.

solidt121232d ago

Im looking forward to seeing some more of the story.

skydragoonity1232d ago

Another masterpiece on its way

Plagasx1232d ago

My testicles are tingling with excitement!


That ain't excitement that got your balls tingling lol

bienio1232d ago

I need Pc Version!!;) Kojima come on we want and you want!!

DevilOgreFish1232d ago

there was a statement saying it's coming, but it will be later on just like with MGR, out of kojima's mouth.

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