Why Mario Kart Needs Change

gamrReview's Jesse Harness: "In order for that sort of appeal to continue to be present for us gamers, there's a necessity for change. Yes, how things are can be awesome but eventually we still need change. Even if it's not necessarily for the better - if it's of equal quality but different, it's still worth doing because it gives us something new to master; it helps us feel like we're extraordinarily good at something impressive to behold, and that's something we often crave from games because we can't get it in our non-virtual lives - at least not as quickly and easily."

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BigBosss1508d ago

I just need battle mode to be how it used to be, the change was honestly not good, I hope a patch or somesort will sort it out and it will be amazing, not that it isn't already. Having fun playing the game, especially online with my brother :)

Neonridr1508d ago

if Nintendo were to release a free DLC with a bunch of the old Battle Arena tracks, this game would be damn near perfect.

wonderfulmonkeyman1508d ago

I completely agree.

However, I do have a suggestion for you, in the meantime, that might help a little...

Try sticking to competing in Yoshi Valley, in Battle Mode.

The various different routes around the area are the closest the current battle maps get to feeling like one of the old classic arenas.

If you give it a shot for a while, you might be surprised by how close that one single track comes to feeling like a proper classic battle arena.

Geobros1508d ago

Mario Kart had great need for change. Go on Nintendo, we have confidence to you.

Lenns1508d ago

Well by that logic people shouldn't be complaining about Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed. Both have great sales so why should they change?

wonderfulmonkeyman1508d ago

As much as I love the game, I gotta say I disagree with you here.
Just because the game is selling excellently[and truly does deserve those sales, to boot], doesn't mean that it doesn't have areas where change would be welcome.

For example; replace the coin item with something that would actually be useful for attack and defense when you're in a leading position in a race[ because, seriously, the tracks are LITTERED with coins as it is; we don't really benefit that much from having them as an item, not compared to a proper defensive item instead], and reintroduce classic arenas to battle mode.

A good thing to keep in mind is that no game is flawless.
Everything could be made better with the right ideas and the right changes.

randomass1711508d ago

The only change it needs is some arenas for the battle mode. Zero reason to change Mario Kart at that point. Except maybe for a Double Dash followup.

iplay1up21508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I think its great, and hopefully DLC will come along and add the battle arenas like everyone is hoping for. The game that needs to change is NSMB. I think Nintendo should take a break from 2.5 D and make some more fully 3D worlds that we can explore, Sunshine, Donkey Kong, Metroid. Of coarse we all know Zelda is not the way.

Right now I have so many Wii U games, I have to start beating all of the games I have. Like Wind Waker HD. I am more than half way through, but have not played it in a couple of weeks, because I started playing other U games.

eworthington01508d ago

Because youre not a fan of fun. You hate smiles.

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The story is too old to be commented.