Murdered: Soul Suspect PS4 vs Xbox One GIF Comparison Shows Crisper PS4 Version

"Square Enix and Airtight Games' Murdered: Soul Suspect is now available across the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC."

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GarrusVakarian1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

How is this game, anyway? I've heard virtually nothing and haven't noticed hardly any hype at all for this game.....

And would you look at that...for once, someone actually has their RGB set to full on the PS4 comparison. Bravo.

jackanderson19851322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

going purely from reviews some people love it some hate it ha.... wish they'd bring in mandatory demos that would be a great idea

off topic: yeah i saw someone mention that about the RGB settings on here, changed it myself and byjaysus it does make some difference

Deividas1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Honestly the story is cool and different, but the thing that I hate the most is the actual gameplay so far, Its really freaking boring and I cant play more than like 30 min at a time and then game to stop. They tried to do a couple different things in a game a game like this and it didnt pay off.

I would not buy it. Either rent it or wait till its like $20

Madderz1322d ago


I thought RGB full was the default setting?

Will have to check that when I get in.

I'm sure I already went through all that when I first set up my PS4 though.

Or are you saying that some comparisons turn it off deliberately?

SilentNegotiator1322d ago

Yeah, this game seems to have slipped under the radar quite a bit.

GarrusVakarian1322d ago


"Or are you saying that some comparisons turn it off deliberately?"

No, just that some people might just not think to turn it on. Quite a few comparisons have shown the PS4 version to look washed out in comparison to the X1 version because they didn't adjust their RGB. In this comparison, it's the other way around. I'm not saying any of them do it on purpose, but they should make sure both consoles have the same RGB settings to ensure a fair comparison.

Madderz1322d ago


Ahhhhhh I see.

In a comparison all settings/variables should be set to the same.

Else why do the comparison at all?

I see what you mean now.

Cryptcuzz1322d ago

Not sure about this game and whether I would like it. There are mixed reviews on it and so the best option would be to persuade my brother to buy this for me (He owes me money lol)

RGB set to full makes a whole world of difference. It is not set to on by default (it wasn't on the PS3 and I had to double check when I got my PS4) so I highly recommend anyone with a PS4 to make sure theirs is set to RGB full as well.

Off topic: I just recently got a Bose Cinemate SR1 Sound bar, does anyone know whats the best audio setting (Linear PCM, Bitstream, Dolby DTS, etc. for the PS4?)

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Evilsnuggle1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Wow you don't say really a PS4 game with a better version of a multi platform game than xbone Juan . What are the odds of that? :/s

PS4isTHEkneesOFbees1322d ago

Wow you don't say a trolling comment from Evilsnuggle that's useless and shallow and that brings nothing to the discussion. /s

DarkLordMalik1322d ago

Too bad, the game is crap on all platforms. =/

I had high hopes for this one to end up being a sleeper hit.

Studio-YaMi1322d ago

How is it a "sleeper hit" when you're saying that the game is crap?

You are contradicting yourself there...

King_of_Nothing1322d ago

"I HAD high hopes for this one to end up being a sleeper hit"

No contradiction, he was hoping it was going to be a great game despite, for the most part, flying under the radar. Turned out to be a dud.

Studio-YaMi1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Oh..! I get it now,he WANTED it to be a sleeper hit.

Ok,now I feel like an idiot,my bad.
Thanks for the heads-up!

mcarsehat1322d ago

still wrong, a sleeper hit is box office only :P

Games don't have any "Final Showings," you can buy them whenever you want.

Deividas1322d ago


Are you dumb? Of course a game can be a sleeper hit. Its simple, if no one had high hopes for the game and didnt have it on their radar at all, yet it turns out to be a great game that no one saw coming.

This didnt turn out like that but it could have.

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snookiegamer1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

This is totally cool for PS4 owners who'll look to purchase this game. I myself probably won't, the game looks very last gen.

The low quality visuals, the restricted semi-open world town of Salem has terrible low poly NPC characters in comparison to the main character.

Besides, I got way too many better games on my 'Must Have' list LOL ;).'s hardly a deal breaker for Xbox One owners goes on :-)

SniperControl1322d ago

They said it had high end PC visuals, so far from HD vids that i have seen, it looks far from high end, it looks last gen.

snookiegamer1322d ago

You're absolutely right...

Some gamers will probably love it. But, for me, I've seen better looking and more playable games from Indies on PSN.

It'll find an audience, sure...but I don't expect this to move enough units to inspire a sequel.

corroios1322d ago

Never heard nothing like this before...

disKinected1322d ago

As usual, no surprises here.