Watch Dogs Wii U reconfirmed for a Fall 2014 release

When Watch Dogs released across a number of platforms last week it quickly became one of Ubisoft’s best selling titles. However, many Nintendo fans are still itching to play the game and hoping for a solid release date for the Wii U version. Well, Ubisoft have confirmed today through PR communications that the game is still slated for a 2014 Fall release on Wii U.

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ritsuka6661323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

I hope Smash Bros kills Watch Dogs Wii U sales. Seriously, this game should be released with all the other versions, NOT months later.

NovusTerminus1323d ago

And if it was rushed and buggy, then what? Lazy devs who didn't take their time?

Be glad it's still coming, it's a fun game that will just add to the the Wii U game catalog.

GordonKnight1323d ago

Hopefully the devs aren't lazy and make extra features for the gamepad. I bought Watch Dogs for the PS4 and plan on purchasing it for the Wii U as well, but only if it has the extra gamepad features.

IMO: That's the only valid reason for the delay.

SilentNegotiator1323d ago

"That's the only valid reason for the delay"

They delayed the game in general for several months. They probably delayed the Wii U version further so that they could spread themselves less thin. Everyone knows that the Wii U version would have sold way less than the other platforms, no matter what the conditions, so of course they chose that version to be delayed.

DarthZoolu1323d ago

Its going to be a long year for people that want to play Wii U games. There are a ton of games coming out for every other console, and Wii U will get 1 maybe 2 more good game releases.

darthv721323d ago

Watch dogs using the gamepad as a 2nd screen sounds really cool. At first i figured there was no chance the game was coming out but this is more promising.

Now if nintendo can get the gang back together to rebuild alien colonial marines the way it was intended to be on the wii-u. Second screen support as a motion tracker and graphics that rival the original reveal would be nice.

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dodgemoose1323d ago

Better late than never. Hoping it flops due to them releasing it later isn't going to do the Wii U any favours for third party support. You should be grateful Ubisoft is still supporting the system.

wonderfulmonkeyman1323d ago

Why should we be grateful when ubisoft made the conscious decision to ignore the wii u version in favour of all the others, going so far as to pull the entire team off of the wii u version?
It just goes to show how little ubi thinks of the system and it's adopters.
If its sales end up not even covering production costs for the version, ubi will only have themselves to blame for not putting the wii u version on the same level of priority as the rest.
You don't earn sales through treating an install base like they don't matter by cutting back on efforts.

Reverie1323d ago

That is not a hope, it is a fact.

deafdani1323d ago

So, it should have been released right now, and be utterly and completely destroyed by Mario Kart 8?

Ubisoft has been the Wii U's biggest third party supporter by far and large. It actually impresses me that they haven't outright cancelled the Wii U version of Watch Dogs. They would have pretty good reasons to do it if they wanted to.

I'm pretty damn sure they had good reasons for delaying the Wii U version. "Mature" styled games generally sell pretty badly on Nintendo consoles, so I can see why the Wii U version wasn't a priority for them.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1322d ago

more like Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Yarn Yoshi and Sonic Boom will kill it.

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Geobros1323d ago

Christmas period will be great for Wii U and Nintendo with Smash Bros and Watch Dogs...

DarthZoolu1323d ago

How? Have you seen the many games coming to every other system? Christmas will be a bad time for Nintendo.

randomass1711323d ago

Wii U is getting quite a few exclusives between now and then, you know. Bayonetta, Hyrule Warriors, presumably Project X, Project Cars and some digital/indie games I personally am anticipating.

BigBosss1323d ago

That's good, now the Wii U owners can get a taste of Watch Dogs :)

JonahNL1323d ago

To be fair, most people who own a Wii U tend to use it as a secondary platform. So I'm guessing a lot of them will already have played the game.

Benjaminkno1322d ago

Ill wait for the better version

Neonridr1323d ago

The only thing I can hope is that there are enough new Wii U owners by the fall that will actually pick up Watch Dogs. I feel that a bunch of Wii U owners who also own another console may have already purchased Watch Dogs because they didn't want to wait. The Wii U version could still end up being very well done with the added use of the gamepad, problem is by the time game launches, it will be twice as expensive as all the other versions.

xJumpManx1323d ago

Not to mention that the WiiUs version will look like the 360 and ps3 version. Not sure I would go that route for that game unless its your only choice.

Neonridr1323d ago

I'm sure it will be a step above the 360/PS3 versions (like AC IV was), but yes, it won't look anywhere near as good as the PS4/XB1 versions.

The 360/PS3 versions don't look bad in all honesty, but it's the fact that it's coming later, and will be charged at a higher price than the others.

Sincere01211323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

The gameplay will be a lot better than the ps4 and xbone tho, especially with the new gamepad features. I prefer gameplay over graphics so I don't mind if graphics are not on par with the other 2 next gen consoles.

Reverie1323d ago

They never showed anything about the Wii U version of WD. Not a single image. I could say it will look even worse than the PS360 versions because these sell more and for sure they got more dev effort.
The Wii U version probably had is development fully stopped at the exact moment they outsourced it to that external studio. And now they are going to rush it and silently release it when the hype and media attention goes down.

mcstorm1323d ago

@Neonridr your right about the price. This could hurt the WiiU sales of the game. I decided to wait to see what the WiiU version of the game is like before picking up the game on the WiiU or Xbox one as I think the game pad could be used in some good ways if done right.

I do think if they bring the game out they need to look at making it £30 rather than £40 to help its sales against the other consoles versions but I don't see this happening at all.

That said good to see its still coming to the Wiiu and its just another great game to add to the Wiiu catalogue of games now. For me its getting a great lineup.

bienio1323d ago

Good news guys!! A little bit more time for you but dont worry Watch Dogs Is amazing game and is worth to wait!!;)

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