How Do You Pronounce Mortal Kombat X?

How do you pronounce the game’s title? Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon set things straight on Twitter.

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thorstein1385d ago

Use a dictionary. Do we really need to have an article on how to pronounce words? Do people really have a problem with Roman Numerals?

I imagine you'd say "ten" just like if you saw GTA V you would say, "GTA Five," not "GTA V."

Or were we supposed to call it, "Final Fantasy icks" for Final Fantasy IX?

Pozzle1385d ago

Well, at the source Ed Boon says that you pronounce it "ex" not "ten" so there's that.

DarthBigE1385d ago

Its not a roman numeral according to Boon. He just said its a X pronounced Ex. But, this can have a double meaning for this is the 10th game in the series.

Talidan1385d ago

Many IPs go with "Ex" for style, like Jason X.

madpuppy1385d ago

That is exactly the movie I was thinking about as well. :)

1385d ago
TheFinalEpisode1385d ago

"RT @shiftyraccoon So is it pronounced Mortal Kombat Ex, Ten or Cross? @noobde EB: Officially its "Ex". But I'm sure some will say "ten"."

This is literally the entire article and you couldn't even bother to read it before commenting...

thorstein1384d ago

Twitter posts aren't "articles."


Obviously, I read it. I was expounding upon the reply posts.

That is literally the entire link and you couldn't be bothered to read it before responding...

JBSleek1385d ago

Reading isn't one of your strong suits I see...

CarlosX3601385d ago

I was just saying the same thing. I mean, really? Do you really have to ask?

Mortal Kombat X! It's not that hard. Damn.

thorstein1384d ago

Lulz. Finally, someone who comprehends!

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Timesplitter141385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

"Mortal Kombat Multiplied By"

"Mortal Kombat Little Diagonal Cross"

AnEwGuY1385d ago

Silly me...I thought it was pronounced "Mortal Kombat GreaterThanLessThan". :o

qzp1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

mor·tal com·bat

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