PSA: The PSP and PS Vita Are Not the Same System

After nearly a decade, the PlayStation Portable's life is finally coming to an end. But some media outlets seem to think it's the PS Vita that is disappearing, not the 10 year old PSP. In this article, Defunct Games tries to figure out why the Associated Press doesn't know the difference between the PSP and PS Vita.

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RosweeSon1262d ago

Hence one ends with a P one with V, some people ey ;)

SolidGear31261d ago

P fits with the V quite nicely I thought :3

Phantom_Puss1261d ago

P always enjoys V's company....*wink,wink*

rsnotz1262d ago

In India its not surprising. Last year, I went to pick up the Vita & the Sony Store guy said it has been discontinued. He told me to buy the newer model called the PSP E1000. I laughed and told him the E1000 would likely be discontinued and tried to explain that the E1000 was a PSP with a few limitations. He was adamant, so I showed him a pic of the Vita on my phone. He said he was not aware of any such device. I left that Sony Store and drove 80 miles to the next Sony Store and got it. If Sony sales guys can't get it right why would AP. LOL :)

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1261d ago

Part of the issue is that it looks so damn similar to the PSP at first glance that people would easily make the mistake. On the bus the other day a guy asked me if it was a PSP or Vita, he couldn't tell lol

Edsword1261d ago

The picture was misleading but the original article, that I actually read, was clear the PSP was being discontinued to focus on PSV.