10 Most Criminally Underrated Games Of The Last Generation

There has been no shortage of great games over the course of the last seven year generation, and predictably, ever since the arrival of Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles, ‘game of the generation’ lists have been popping up more frequently than Pringles lids. Yet for every obvious choice like GTA V, Bioshock and Super Mario Galaxy, there are thousands more games that remain unlisted and unloved, and while they might not all be masterpieces (although some definitely are), these games still deserve recognition in their own right..

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bequietdrive1386d ago

So many great games that can easily be forgotten in seven years.

oof461386d ago

Heavy Rain and Rayman Origins were criminally underrated? I disagree. Those great games got their due and sold well.

bequietdrive1385d ago

Origins certainly didn't sell particularly well. It did OK on Wii but pretty awful on 360 and PS3.

oof461385d ago

You do know Origins sold the least amount of copies on the Wii, right?

WeAreLegion1385d ago

*closes window*

bequietdrive1385d ago

Either you like the article content or you don't. Why does what site it appears on matter?

WeAreLegion1385d ago

Because I don't respect the site it is on.

oof461385d ago

And a dash of Enslaved.

DatDoe2101385d ago

No Prey... I know it came out early in the generation but still a great game. Also so much agree with Catherine.

bequietdrive1385d ago

Only because I have never played that game! Heard good things though, will have to pick it up as I'm sure it goes for pennies now. Glad someone else likes Catherine :)

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