Kratos is coming: Here’s why Sony will show God of War PS4 at E3 2014

VG247- Will Sony show God of War PS4 at E3 2014? SCE Santa Monica itself seems to be teasing it, but there are plenty of reasons to put your faith in Kratos.

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BigBosss1324d ago

God of War for PS4, I can only imagine! :O

ColeMacGrath1324d ago

Wasn't God of War tested on Morpheus by Yoshida? They didn't show us any footage though, so that might be shown at E3.

Army_of_Darkness1324d ago

That was GOW3 in first person view being shown on Morpheus...

Even when I had my fix of GOW, I would honestly still love to see GOW4 on the ps4! I know it's gonna look Insane!!!

Jughead34161324d ago

Yea this wasn't ps4 though. It was gow3. If they can accomplish fighting on the back of a Titan while it climbed mount Olympus on ps3, I can only imagine what they can do for ps4.

starchild1324d ago

I would love to get a new God of War game on PS4.

While God of War Ascension wasn't quite as good as God of War 3, it was still a great game in my opinion.

I'm excited to see where they could take the God of War series, and obviously it will be one of the best looking games we have ever seen. That is exciting in and of itself.

darthv721324d ago

im a fan of God of War but even i have to wonder where it goes after he has killed Zeus and the other gods.

It isnt like he can just jump religious methodologies. Going from Greek to Roman to whatever.....?

Perhaps a reboot of the original, only this time with much more interaction with the story and side quests to appease the gods....?

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N4Gpower1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

God of War Ascension was so bad

Let God of war in peace.

GarrusVakarian1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

No, that's like saying "let Gears Of War rest in peace", just because GoW: Judgement wasn't as good as the original trilogy. Or any other franchise which has one game that wasn't as good as the others.

I would welcome Kratos back with open arms.....which he would probably rip off my body and beat me with.

Imagine a GOW in Egypt, or based on Norse mythology. There's no way this series is done yet.

Inception1324d ago

This is weird. In N4G i keep hearing negative comments about Ascension. But my friends really had fun with Ascension SP & MP, including me. I knew the game doesn't have the same wow quality like GoW 3. But it still a great game in GoW series.

darren_poolies1324d ago

I really liked GOW:A I hate it when my opinion is wrong :'(

ZodTheRipper1324d ago

The multiplayer was actually pretty good. I thought the single player couldn't come close to GoW3 though. The series is far from done, it just depends on where they go with it now.

GarrusVakarian1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )


An opinion is never wrong (unless you say something dumb like "in my opinion, the world is square shaped", lmao), if you liked that game then good for you! It was a great game, it just wasn't as good as it's predecessors for many people, it is by no means a bad game. I enjoyed it very much. The boss battles were absolutely epic, some of the best in the series imo.

Destrania1324d ago

It's interesting that a subjectively 'bad' God of War game is still better than most other big budget games out there (imo).

Crystallis1324d ago

God of war ascension was not bad. It was better then most of titles released that year. It just didn't live up to God of war 3.

Jughead34161324d ago

Gow ascension was awesome. I agree not quite as good as 3, but it was by no means terrible.

darren_poolies1324d ago


I was being sarcastic haha, but I agree with you. :)

LordMaim1324d ago

N4GPower, have a look at your history for a moment. You log in once a month to slam Sony on whatever topic happens to come up.

I have reason to believe that you may be an alternate account that exists literally only to troll the Playstation brand. I invite you to refute this accusation at your earliest convenience.

starchild1324d ago

I agree with most of you, God of War Ascension was a great game. Not quite up to the level of God of War 3, in my opinion, but a really good game all the same.

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GarrusVakarian1324d ago

Said a tiny amount of people....

Blaze9291324d ago

More God of War? Seriously? Even so soon?

SoulSercher6201324d ago

More Gears of War? Seriously? Even so soon?

djplonker1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

How many halos have there been?


Halo 2

Halo 3

Halo wars

spartan assault



halo 1 remake

halo 2 remake

halo 5

Not to mention countless movies... maybe you should be slagging that off since there are TWO halo games announced at this very moment and none for god of war!

alb18991324d ago

I think it is just a hope....but a good hope!

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AaronPS1324d ago

I don't see how it could happen. Spoilers!!

Kratos pretty much killed all the Gods and destroyed Ancient Greece. If they were to do a God of War it would make more sense to do an unrelated mythology. There's so many more varied and lesser known mythologies which would prove more interesting. Some examples, Norse or Celtic mythology could be good.

Jdoki1324d ago

I would very much like to see an off-shoot series that had the core mechanics of GoW, but set in other mythologies.

Rute1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Hehe, Kratos kicking ass and taking names all over the world. Hindu mythology would provide material for quite a many games since it has millions of gods. In contrast, Kratos & Christianity would be quite a short game. Just slay Jesus and Yahwe and it's time for end credits.

The Meerkat1324d ago


But Jesus would keep getting resurrected.

He's be the Level 1 boss, and level 2 boss etc.
And just when you think you've beaten Jesus for the last time and you face Yahwe, turns out Yahwe is Jesus too.

LordMaim1324d ago

@The Meerkat: The good news is that Jesus would always forgive you, for you know not what you do.

Rute1324d ago

The Finnish epic poem Kalevala might be nice as well. It was one of the sources of inspiration for Tolkien's Lord of the rings.

Kalevala contains beings such as Louhi (a giant witch / eagle hybrid carrying hundreds of warriors), Iku-Turso (a giant sea monster), Ajatar (devil of the woods) and Loviatar (daughter of the god of Death).

Jdoki1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Sounds awesome!

EDIT: Just found English translations for Kindle on Amazon UK store - they are fan translations, and are free. It's in 2 volumes... Does look rather epic!

Rute1324d ago

I hope it's a good translation. The finnish language is part of what makes Kalevala for me ("Mieleni minun tekevi..."). Tolkien actually based his elvish language Quenya on Finnish.

But it can be a tad boring to read, especially because of the poem structure.

rezzah1324d ago

"In the end there will only be chaos"

It's reaching, but still a possibility.

Kratos02891324d ago

If they do I'll be loving it although it will be nothing more than a teaser trailer

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Hellsvacancy1324d ago

I hope it's not a cgi trailer