Watch_Dogs sales records compared to Call of Duty and GTA V

GTA V sold more than $800 million dollars in sales on its release day, (translates into about 13 million copies of the game), Call of Duty: Black Ops II sold $500 million in it's first 24 hours and Activision sold more than $1 billion Call of Duty: Ghosts on its release day.

How does Watch_Dogs compare?

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Sillicur1505d ago

Wow, did not expect it to beat GTA in the Best-selling video game in 24 hours department, well done Watch_Dogs!

BiggCMan1505d ago

It didn't, it beat out the rest of Ubisoft titles in most copies sold in 24 hours. Nothing will ever beat GTA V in terms of money and sales, i'm still stunned at the numbers.

Either way, it's amazing for a brand new IP to receive these numbers and i'm really happy about that.

I absolutely love the game, people are complaining about it too much. Looking at every aspect of it under a damn microscope, which is unfair to it because not many games get that kind of treatment.

As a brand new game, it's so well made, so much fun, SO MUCH to do in the game. This is a BRAND NEW IP people, it's an extremely good game for that reason alone.

The ONLY thing different about this game from the spectacular E3 2012 showing, is the GRAPHICS!! That's all!! Yes obviously they have seen a downgrade, but this game still looks jaw dropping a lot of the time.

Any other complaints like the driving are unwarranted because they were your own expectations, and were simply different from what you expected, not bad.

HanCilliers1505d ago

You are correct, WD beat the record for new IP's, GTAV wasn't a new IP :) It's still the king

brich2331505d ago

GTA V sold 13 million copies of the game on release day.

Watchdogs did 4 million in a week.

lord zaid1505d ago

So... People really like Watch Dogs.

plut0nash1505d ago

Yip, that or the marketing really hit the spot. Open world games where you can destroy and kill everything are the rage :)

bixxel1505d ago

U cant say Watch Dogs is a bad game.Maybe it's bad with respect to the "Hype" building up.But it's incredible as a cross gen game on it's own.And one of the best open world games ever.

HoldenZA1505d ago

Really didn't expect those figures!
I guess this confirms that Watch Dogs 2 will be seen in our not too distant future.

bixxel1505d ago

I hope this doesn't become an annual franchise.Or I'll start crying.

HanCilliers1505d ago

We will have to wait and see if Watch_Dogs will truly dethrone GTAV, still 6 records remaining