Xbox One SmartGlass App for iOS and Android Updated Following June Firmware's Launch

In addition to the update of the console, Microsoft also launched a new update for the both the Android and iOS versions of Xbox One’s SmartGlass.

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kickerz1323d ago

Lovin the monthly updates. every month there's something fresh to look forward to :) well done Microsoft

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Cherchez La Ghost1323d ago

I never seen MS put this much work in updating their console. The 360 was always given seasonal updates. Who can complain getting updates on a monthly basis?

Illusive_Man1323d ago

Xbox is now under the Windows division. Windows gets updated monthly on Patch Tuesday, generally second week of the month.

XiSasukeUchiha1323d ago

Oh now MS is doing a PS3, and people don't complain damn!


I find it hilarious when people bring this up. The biggest did difference is that those ps3 updates rarely ADDED features, it was mainly security updates, and things that we would never notice. The xbox ones updates are actually giving us features for the console that we can see use and take advantage of. HUGE DIFFERENCE there!

mhunterjr1323d ago

The ps3 updates rarely added features (they actually removed a feature with one update) took forever to download and install, and occasionally bricked consoles... I don't understand how you can call this "doing a ps3" with a straight face.

Microsoft is actually improving the user experience with each update, and the process is unobtrusive, since it usually occurs over night.

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