In Defense of the Broken L.A. Noire

UM writes: "There are lessons to be learned from the broken. And today will be the first volume of their defense. Today I’ll be defending Rockstar Games’ L.A. Noire."

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Hellsvacancy1420d ago

I was about to write how bitter I feel for not finishing LA Noire, I liked it, it just got too boring towards the end, I even bought the dlc but ended up trading it, anyway just been on Amazon and bought it (again) for £2.67 (£2.50p&p)

So i'm gonna finish it, finally, i'll probably regret it once I start playing it, i'll remember why I sold it in the first place

Mutant-Spud1420d ago

It would have been brilliant but for the open world and all the pointless driving and faffing about you end up doing, imagine the plot,interrogation and investigation mechanics worked into something like Telltale's Walking Dead.

SlappingOysters1420d ago

It's a great game - I enjoyed the ending, too. But yeah about 2/3 in when you change perspectives it looses its way a bit. It's Rockstar's Mexico moment.