Travel through Dragon Age Inquisition

Bioware released a stack of screenshots and historical background on six different settings in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Visit the eerie spirit world of The Fade, the Winter Palace of Val Royeaux, the desert stronghold of Weisshaupt, the abandoned Warden fortress of Adamant, and the Seeker's castle, Therinfall Redoubt.

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DesVader1389d ago

Loooks like the graphics are certainly set to be look impressive. Dragon Age has a good fan base out there, so I am sure this game is going to be in good demand.

lord zaid1389d ago

I just hope the story pans out. Devs sometimes forget that with an RPG, narrative is paramount.

HanCilliers1389d ago

Most important, that's why Origins was so epic

anticlimax1389d ago

Well, not the main narrative itself, the companions and the thought out races and their standing etc.

The main narrative was pretty standard worldthreatening-evil fantasy.

Blacklash931387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

^ The main narrative was epic. Whether it was unique is another thing entirely.

Though, the lore context made the main narrative more interesting. Particularly, what the Archdemon and Darkspawn are and the mystery surrounding the Old Gods and Golden/Black City. There's a lot of interesting mysteries and connections there. I could go into a lot more detail, but basically Dragon Age's lore reads like a big historical conspiracy that's about to erupt.

CongoKyle1389d ago

Dragon Age Origins was one of the first games I completed to 100%. Really looking forward to this title! Massive fan of the series.