Star Citizen's Arena Commander Released; Gets Fantastic Launch Trailer and Screenshots

At long last those that pledged for Star Citizen will be able to fly in space. Chris Roberts's Cloud Imperium Games just announced that the bugs that delayed the release of the dogfighting module Arena Commander have been cleared and the software has just been released.

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pandehz1507d ago

Gets better with every update

3-4-51507d ago

wait, this game is out now? looks good.

aliengmr1507d ago

No, its just one of many parts to the game. Full title has a couple years still to go.

Trunkz Jr1507d ago

If anyone needs a group to play with:

JsonHenry1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

DLing NOW! Server is slammed. Max DL only at ~300kb/s. :(

Azurite1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

It's torrent tech.
Check your settings and raise the upload rate, maybe gives you a boost.

JsonHenry1507d ago

I have it set to unlimited DL rate and 256 upload (I wanna help my fellow citizens!). It is now up to 1.3mb/s though. So it gets better the longer you let it go. But by default it is set to HTTP+Torrent.

Saryk1507d ago

Crap, I am at work and cant download it, yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!