Luigi Death Stare meme could help Wii U

GGG writes about how the sudden popularity of the Luigi Death Stare meme from Mario Kart 8 is something Nintendo should try to capitalize on to help with marketing and consumer awareness of Wii U.

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corvusmd1475d ago

Oh I literally started crying this is so GF and I are actually playing this game right now and I never noticed this before...her and I started dying when we watched the video.

BullyMangler1475d ago

ha ? this Luigi stare situation even made it on the news.

wonderfulmonkeyman1475d ago

With all the attention he's getting, it's almost as if Luigi isn't allowing his special Year of Luigi to end just yet.XD

Reeze1475d ago

I think with Luigi's Mansion, we've been training him to show his dark side. He won't allow his special year to end so soon...

creatchee1475d ago

Hell.... I've been considering buying a Wii U just for this game. The death stare makes me want it even more.