Top 5 Ways To Get Around Chicago In Watch Dogs

Getting around the game’s playground, a futuristic Chicago is highly entertaining so here is Gamer Attitude's Top 5 Ways To Get Around Chicago In Watch Dogs in no particular order.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

I was hoping there would be mention of a jet pack.
Or failing that, a code for invulnerability and low gravity, followed by using rockets to literally blast your way across the city...[Everything is more entertaining with explosions.XD]

Okay, we need modders on PC to get to work on this crap, like, ASAP.

showtimefolks1448d ago

i just finished it yesterday, this game reminded me a lot of the first saints row game. Sequels will have planes atleast

the game story which many reviewers said was the weak point to me it was very interesting yet straight forward. There were some missions that made me so frustrated that i want to throw my controller at the screen.

i hope future open world games have features like skip missions, GTA5 had it. That way if a mission is becoming frustrating skip it and move on. Atleast you get to play the rest of the game