Sony E3 Assumptions

Michael Pachter looks at how Sony will behave will at this year’s E3

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Eonjay1418d ago

Patcher strikes again. Im expecting both to show games but he seems very convinced in his assumptions that Sony will have more. How can he believe this or is he claiming special inside knowledge? He makes my head hurt.

slimeybrainboy1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

I like Pachter and I think he does often offer insight into the business side of things, and I agree with him about PS Now.

However, I think he's insane to think that MS wont put on a games dedicated E3. MS completely ballsed up on their introduction of the XB1, I dont think they'll make that mistake again.

I see MS just tearing up E3 with nothing but games. I predict MS wins E3, Sony spends too much time talking about Now, Vita, PS3, Sales etc. and meanwhile MS have no choice but to be laser focused on games.

EDIT: Sounds trolly but I actually only have a PS4, I hope i'm wrong about Sony.

ExPresident1418d ago

I'd agree with some of what you said to an extent, except for the fact that Sony has been pretty quiet and it could be the calm before a storm.

Keeping my hopes in check tho. I'd also not put to much stock in them talking about sales for to long, if at all. The world knows exactly where the PS4 stands in sales so they don't need to put up numbers to drum up interest.

Prime1571418d ago

I'm really confused by MS, they've announced a few games in the wake of e3 already. IE: forza horizons. That would have been a major reveal for e3 - I'm sure we'll see a trailer, but why not just announce it a week later at e3.

I'm just saying he might be right, as Sony has been quieter than Microsoft, imo.

Senzazu1418d ago

I'm an huge PlayStation nut and feel the exact same way. Microsoft seem to be following the PS3 blueprint, start of cocky, fail and turn things around.

However the hype for E3 2013 from Microsoft wasn't validated as they seem to repeat; games games games, like they do now.

Only time will tell, but no matter which platform you are rooting for, we gamers are in for a great E3 2014!

Slimeybrainboy is just being honest, all those disagrees are silly.

Baccra171418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

He's just going where the wind blows. Last year he thought Xbone had it all wrapped up and in the bag- and look how that turned out. Everyone talka of MS 180's yet they always forget the 180's this ass-hat pulled after that show.

Don't know why we're paying him any attention right now, the commentators of N4g are who we should be listening to- not him (Pachter).

NatureOfLogic_1418d ago

It's easy to underestimate Sony because they're in the lead. But when was the last E3 where Sony went in leading all consoles. People expect better MS E3 because they need it. I wouldn't underestimate Sony because they're more quite than MS going into E3.

ExPresident1418d ago

Yeah kinda my thought too. Calm before the storm kinda thing.

WeAreLegion1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

I don't think they should bundle the PS4 with Knack or Resogun. While I enjoy both games, there are much better options.

mushroomwig1418d ago

He was using those games as an example because they would cost Sony the least amount of money to give them away for free, compared to something like Infamous Second Son.

chaosx1417d ago

I don't think they will bundle them , because they need to be able to give them away with PS+ in the future.

Illusive_Man1418d ago

MS had a better E3 last year. Sony ran E3 off of mistakes by MS not on the strength of their games.

HugoDrax1417d ago

That's exactly how I felt about E3 last year. If I'm not mistaken Microsoft started off by showing Metal Gear? Then I remember them showing Battlefield gameplay, RYSE, and TitanFall. Then I left home, and headed straight to GameStop to preorder our 2 XB1's. Then that following day, headed back up to GameStop to pre order my PS4

Either way, should be one of the best E3's in a long time.

0P-Tigrex1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

How? Sony showed an Uncharted 4 announcement, Driveclub, The Order, Watch Dogs, Destiny, ASSCREED4, Mad Max, 8-10 indies, FinalFantasy 15, KingdomHearts 3... Infamous Second Son...They showed games what are you smoking?!! lmao.

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