Nintendo opens Japanese E3 2014 teaser page

Nintendo has now published its official Japanese E3 2014 teaser site. You can find it here. It should be packed with content next week!

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Metallox1481d ago

I wasn't that interested for Nintendo's E3 of this year... but well, I must join to the hype train anyway.

Sincere01211480d ago

Really, Nintendo is the only e3 I'm excited for this year.

--Onilink--1480d ago

same here, though its not like im not interested in the others

In order of interest Nintendo>MS>EA>Ubi> ;Sony

Sony: never been really blown away by their conferences, but i dont mind because either way the games are amazing, ill just have to hold on on third parties for this year + Driveclub and TLOUR

Ubi: Interested in more Division and hopefully new IP and BGAE2, not looking forward to forced awkward comedy attempts

EA: Interested in Bioware announcements, Star Wars announcements, Mirrors Edge 2, FIFA 15. Not interested in any other sports game

MS: Probably going to get an X1 later this year, so i just want to see more games announced that are coming this year (especially Horizon 2)

Nintendo: the best at keeping secrets so they have more chances to surprise me, but still, its Nintendo... so who knows lol

AJBACK2FRAG1480d ago

As frickin' usual! I think Sony's e3 showing is always boring and sucks because of the boredom and stupidity. How many more times will Sony show pc gameplay and call it a Playstation game?! Oh wait I forgot a fricking million more times!!!!! Six days to go man! Nintendo is going to be dropping bombs is da' hood!!!!

Vegamyster1480d ago

They're showing the first HD Zelda (excluding WW remake) and possibly Miyamoto's new IP with other unannounced games and you're not excited?