Broken Age might be a possibility for Wii U “if enough people want that”

Want Broken Age on Wii U? Then it might be best to let developer Double Fine know!

COO Justin Bailey told one fan on Twitter, “if enough people” show interest in having Broken Age on Wii U, “I’m sure I can make that happen”.

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Metallox1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I'd like to play this game on Wii U, but I have it already on PC :( But come on, the it's available on Ouya, so why not on Wii U?

Lucreto1176d ago

PS4 please I love the game and I would play it again on PS4.

PCGamingNoobs1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

just get the next act out already!!!

Dunban671176d ago

I wish the article said something about the game other than the title - I don t know enough about it to know if I want it or not

wheresmymonkey1176d ago

It's the latest adventure game from Tim Shaeffer or Monkey Island, Grim Fandango and day of the Tentacle fame. What more o you need to know? It's a game you want.

Dunban671175d ago

Cool thanks. I'll check it out - does sound like a game I want

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