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Square Enix has certainly had its ups and downs in recent years with their releases. Thankfully, Bravely Default is a high point for not only Square Enix, but for the Nintendo 3DS as well. Square-Enix is no stranger to the RPG genre, as they are the ones responsible time and time again for revolutionizing it with their Final Fantasy franchise. Like many Final Fantasy games, Bravely Default centers its story around a group of brave heroes who sets out on an adventure to save the world from a major apocalypse. In Default, the Wind Crystal is consumed in a dark energy, causing havoc on a town called Norende in the land of Luxendarc which gets swallowed up by the earth. Our group of heroes embarks on a journey to free the Wind Crystal in order to undo the damage and restore the world to its former glory before it’s too late.

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