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To gamers here in the United States, the Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3) is the grand-daddy of them all in terms of video game conventions. Here, game developers flock in from around the world to show off their latest projects in hopes of obtaining the community’s attention. Nintendo has taken quite a different development path than its primary console competition and has isolated themselves from Sony and Microsoft’s development cycle. The “next generation console war” never included the Wii U and as such, the console has seen less than stellar sales…..

So Nintendo finds themselves in the precarious position. Rather than conform to the mainstream idea of live displays and a highly awaited keynote speech at E3 proper, Nintendo has elected to distribute information via Nintendo Direct, a pre-recorded and edited video from the top brass discussing games, launch titles, and future plans.

So, with less one more week to go, expect Nintendo to try to pull out all the stops f...

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MeLoveRamen1385d ago

Man i hope they go all out and i expect nothing but the goods from them. Just bought my wii u and mario kart 8 and can't wait for Smash Bros and X. Hoping for mario sunshine HD, luigi mansion HD, a pokemon game, obviously new Zelda, maybe a metroid or star fox and at least 1 new IP. LEGOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

fonger081385d ago

I'll take at least 2 new Ips, though people tend to forget just how many IPs Nintendo has. That being said a new Zelda, a Mario but a Mario that explores the type of enviroments like the ones built in Mario Kart 8. Metroid of course and something completely out of left field, like a new StarTropics or a new Sin and Punishment.

3-4-51385d ago

* Nintendo has a good chance to turn things around with E3.

* They have the momentum from Mario Kart 8 + Luigi Death Stare, going into E3, and if they can take that and give us something to get excited about for 2014, then they could "Win 2014 ", if you want to call it that.

* A lot of these good PS4 & XB1 games are getting pushed back to 2015, and so in the mean time, Nintendo can take advantage of this opportunity and release a few really good games and possible another " Must Have" similar to Mario Kart 8, and they are looking real good for the future.

* MK8 reminded everyone again why gaming needs to first and foremost be FUN, above anything else. With more games like that, the Wii U actually looks appealing to those who may not have given it a chance at first.

* Mario Kart 8 + Super Smash Brothers + _____________? = Turning things around positively for Nintendo and Wii U.

They need at least one more game to market to people from now until the Holiday Season.

GoodKingLeo1385d ago

I want them to announce a game that combines Pilot Wings, Excitebike, Wave Race, 1080 and Endless Ocean, all in realistic HD. Kind of like Wii Sports Resort but not corny and all minigames.