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Microsoft, much in line with the Sony PlayStation, released the Xbox One console here in the United States in late November 2013. Although a willing participant in the supposed “next generation console war,” Microsoft has had a hard time keeping up with Sony PlayStation’s 4 sales. Recent numbers, courtesy of, indicates that the Xbox One global sales are around 4.5 million. While this number is amazing considering the short release time, it is dwarfed by the PlayStation 4’s sales, which currently sit close to 7.5 million. (It should be noted that the race between both consoles is closely contested in the United States, with a mere half million separating the two).

Microsoft has survived the brunt of “resoultiongate” (not being able to support 1080P on most cross-platform titles as opposed to the PlayStation 4) and their unpopular always-on DRM blunder, but has managed to stay highly competitive. With less than a month to go, what will Microsoft bring to the conve...

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OpieWinston1170d ago

Can we please stop it with all these AWFUL predictions. It's like people don't even know what an "EDUCATED GUESS" is...they aren't at all educated when they make these BS guesses.

Nice editing(Sarcasm)...Mixed up EA/Activision. Activision and Microsoft have always had a close relationship when it comes to CoD.

And why would they need to sell people on a kinectless X1? Did this guy not watch the video Microsoft released saying that it's designed to give people access to X1 and that they'll notice the benefits of Kinect.

They don't need to sell anyone on kinectless SKU, because they have no plans to alter the OS to fit the whole kinectless structure. It's the same as the Xbox 360 launch with the option of buying a Core(No HDD/Wireless Adapter).

Microsofts conference at E3 isn't going to be about [email protected]..That's what the rest of the event will be about...Introducing certain games, but most indie devs will be more attracted to Phil Spencers approach to indies. But he knows that E3 is about AAA/AA games, not bringing a bunch of indie devs up on a stage and watch them have a panic attack. If anything the indie program will be sold with a montage.

E3 ISN'T the place to sell indie friendly policies. Gamescom/Pax...That's where you sell indies.

tuglu_pati1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

I feel like the author still living in the past. For starters his first point is moot since MS last year E3 conference was really heavy on games content.

guitarded771170d ago

Did anyone read this...

"4.) Even more Call of Duty exclusives. Although I’d prefer for Microsoft to focus on exclusive titles for their console, I am also aware that EA and Microsoft have a pretty tight relationship, especially when it comes to the annual Call of Duty release. Expect to see extended gameplay of the upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, as well as exclusive deals such as early access maps, downloadable content, and the like."

MORON... This person has no business writing a games blog if he thinks EA makes CoD.

jmac531170d ago

All these no name websites coming out of the woodwork with their E3 predictions.

Filmgamesetc1170d ago

and who are you to judge?

Kingoftherodeo1170d ago

while i love the new games with gold if xbox went with something crazy like let the xbox owners vote for the next months game. either between 1 xbox premium game say forza,d3,ryse or 2 of the smaller arcade games. now that would be taking it a step further

Joey_Leone1170d ago

I can predict what's going to happen. There's going to be talks about Halo,Gears,Forza and the CLOUDZ lol, also A LOT of fake cheering and clapping. I can tell it's going to be more Awkward than any other E3 after the failed attempts to screw over the consumer. As a PC/PlayStation gamer, I'm actually looking forward to Microsoft's E3 the most just for the laughs.