GI Cover Not Agent or HL3

GameInformer Editor in Chief, Andy McNamara has just revealed some interesting details regarding Sony's Playstation E3 2014 conference.


Andy has clarified that Valve and Sony "feature" info was a "joke, in a series of jokes"

But that Agent And Half Life 3 part still worth a news point here

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AceBlazer131476d ago

Even Valve is in on the greatness

hellzsupernova1476d ago

WHat if it was something more like integrating steam so all pc games can be cross platform? or a steam store? Sony already allow amazon to sell digital games on psn.

Im hoping for something amazing but it is probably a game like Dota or Left for Dead

URNightmare1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Didn't they announce Steam Cloud for Playstation at E3 in 2010? I wonder what else they have. Interesting.

Eonjay1476d ago

Whatever it is its coming from Valve and that is all we know. May be multiplat also. We will find out tomorrow.

solidsheep1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Its going to be DOTA2 or CS:GO port. No way they could keep a new game under wraps this tightly.
They have been having a hard time ripping people away from LOL, so I can see them trying to be the first MOBA on a console.

hellzsupernova1476d ago

I can see that happening maybe left for dead.

Prime1571476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Awesomenauts and guardians. But dota would be a huge addition to consoles, especially in 2014.

Especially relative to no console LOL. Mobas are also not bad with controllers, imo (as someone who loves fpsj

UnrealThreats1475d ago

I am bracing to be sent into the depths disagree land, but I have to say this, MOBAs are meant to played with a mouse and keyboard, you NEED precision with reaction time when playing them. I one time tried to play LoL with a controller, it was absolutely horrendous.

This isnt my video, but it is someone playing LoL with a controller.

solidsheep1475d ago

People said the same thing about Diablo and look how that turned out with some combat tweaks.

Majin-vegeta1476d ago

I'm thinking L4D HD collection for PS4.Then announcing L4D3

DigitalRaptor1476d ago

There could be a chance that Andy is, you know, joking?

But if he wasn't, my money is on a L4D3 announcement. Half-Life 3 is too obvious and too unlikely.

disKinected1476d ago

Wow! Now I am even more hyped for sony's e3.
E3, why can't you come sooner?

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The story is too old to be commented.