All 23 Watch Dogs Song Locations - Songs Play Only At Specific Locations w/ SongSneak App

These are the locations for all 23 Songs in Watch Dogs. 3 of them can only be obtained by hacking citizens, 3 are automatically obtained through story missions and 17 can be obtained at specific locations using the SongSneak App.

This Guide will tell you where to get each song specifically so no more running around and easily get the Disk Space Full trophy or Achievement

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LordMaim1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

It's faster just to run around the Merlaut and hack everyone with a Music tag. Over the course of the game, you're likely to get most of them through normal play anyhow. At the end of the game, I only needed 2 and it took 20 minutes of random hacking to get them.

KwietStorm1509d ago

Watch Dogs has a worse OST than GTA V. I was really disappointed.

UnHoly_One1509d ago

I love the game, but you are right, the music is awful.

paidadvertiser1509d ago

That's really weird that you read up on games and still don't know what 'OST' means.

KwietStorm1509d ago

I've always known OST to mean official soundtrack, not to be confused with the score. I'm talking about the licensed music on the radio. What is it you are talking about?

gigoran1509d ago

Well that depends on the person. You may think the gtav track list was better, but for me and many many others it was a terrible selection of songs. The mix of songs included in WD was a refreshing change. I understand you like it (gtav track list), just know that many others don't.

KwietStorm1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

I don't care that others don't like it. I'm not here saying my opinion is right and everything else is wrong. All I said was how surprised I was at how bad the music is in Watch Dogs. And I never even said I like GTA V's music. Actually, the fact that GTA V, the worst OST in the GTA series, is still better than Watch Dogs was kid of my point. And you say the mix of songs in Watch Dogs is refreshing? There barely even is a mix of songs. GTA has entire radio stations. I don't know why Ubisoft skimped on that. It's also silly that every time you get in and out of the car, the music changes.

gigoran1509d ago

What I wrote was pretty straight forward, but judging by your reply you either didn't read it or didn't understand it. Oh well.

KwietStorm1509d ago

I was also straight forward, but for whatever reason, you seem to think I didn't understand you, so yea, oh well?

DaleCooper1509d ago

I wondered how the songsneak app worked. I didn't know if I missed it in the tutorial, or they just didn't explain it well. I'll be grabbing some songs tonight!

Misterhon1509d ago

The only 2 tracks i'm playing is one mic and day n night. Worst OST ever for a game!

KwietStorm1509d ago

Yea other than those, I'm really, really surprised how lame the entire radio is.

heisenberguk1509d ago

I turned the radio off after a few hrs, got sick of hearing the same songs in the same order!!