Luigi "Death Stare" Hits Fox News

Slow news day, or is Luigi just that creepy?

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Eonjay1383d ago

The reporter says:

"Another terrifying look..."
"Grand Theft Mario Kart"

LOL. I'm done.

LackTrue4K1383d ago

I hope Luigi gets interviewed and brot to justice!!!

Vegamyster1383d ago

I love how monotone his voice was, got a good laugh.

ApolloTheBoss1383d ago

Seriously. Lol they can't go one minute without bashing video games.

Guwapo771383d ago

When she gasped, I lost it. LMMFAO!

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somegamergirl1383d ago

OMG, I just saw this earlier and made fun of it. xD

Ck1x1383d ago

This is the type of hype and media coverage the Wii got during its time in the sun. Hopefully MK8 can propel things mainstream for Nintendo, while they continue to roll out core titles for the rest of this year.

XabiDaChosenOne1383d ago

When that reporter said "wow" in the background I almost punched a hole through my laptop. I want to punch every one in that news cast in the face for being so stupid.

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The story is too old to be commented.