Did Overhype Ruin Watch_Dogs?

Watch_Dogs is one of the most anticipated games of 2014, but did Ubisoft set up its own disappointment?

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Geobros1475d ago

Yes, overhype is no good for any game...

Gh05t1474d ago

The only thing that ruined watchdogs was its shallow and predictable story and lack of relative content to that story.

Not to mention the countless occurrences of hypocrisy in the story, for instance when Aiden is allowed to choose who lives or dies but when I want to choose that I get negative reputation for killing sex slave auction bidders.

DragonKnight1474d ago

The best part of Watch Dogs is definitely the Online Hacking multiplayer. I've never seen anything funnier than another player running around shooting at everything that moves trying to find me while I'm hiding in a dumpster that he's run by 7 times.

SniperControl1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Tend to agree with you, also the PC version struggles with stutters(due to poor optimising form ubi) and over sensitive gamepad controls during driving, which ruins the experience for me.

It's one of those games that i will go back to, if i have a hour or so to spare, it just doesn't grab me. Games like Uncharted, TLoU and Bioshock Infinite made me want to play all the time, those games i made time for.

Unfortunately i spent £45 on this game, wish i'd waited now for a Steam sale or something. Gutted.

levian1474d ago

The game is actually pretty darn fun, but honestly the hacking is a lot less game changing than I thought. Exploding stuff with your phone is barely different than shooting an explosive barrel or something in another game

starchild1474d ago

People that let themselves be affected by hype are creating their own problem.

I personally never pay attention to how much hype a game is getting and base my expectations off of that. I try not to have too many expectations in general, but the expectations I do have are generally formed based on my own impressions of the game in videos and, to a lesser extent, previews.

Watch Dogs is just as good as I had believed it would be. Better, in fact. I'm very satisfied with the game.

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medman1474d ago

The game is selling gangbusters so I'm not sure what "ruined" means...we should all be so lucky.

Gh05t1474d ago

Sales != Quality
Sales >= Marketing //HYPE!

iplay1up21474d ago

The article did not mean ruined sales, but rather setting our expectations too high therefore disappointing players.

choujij1474d ago

Ruin meaning enjoyment level, not sales. Like CoD: Ghosts.

Aceman181474d ago

It didn't ruin anything for me I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Dirtnapstor1474d ago

I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would. Plays well and I have yet to get bored with the fillers aside from the main campaign. Reminds me of LA Noire with tech.

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ritsuka6661474d ago

The downgrade graphics of E3 2012 have ruined this game.

choujij1474d ago

It's not the graphics, it's the game itself. While there are some loving every minute of the game, a lot people including myself are almost forcing ourselves to complete it.

Revolver_X_1474d ago

Same here. The graphics downgrade is not even in my list of complaints. The lack of radio stations and song selection is disappointing. The driving in WD is just horrible. I find some vehicles undriveable. Why is it enemies can shoot while driving, but Aiden cant? The game forces you to ALWAYS rely on the hacking mechanic, even when towards the end it becomes tedious and repetitive. Not to mention, Im one of those ppl who cant connect online because of the dreaded NAT type error. I probably wont purchase a WD2.

SoulSercher6201474d ago

I'm guessing you never even played it.

Neonridr1474d ago

I am rather enjoying the game. The whole E3 2012 "debacle" hasn't changed anything for me. While it would have been nice to have graphics of that level, I am a little more realistic with my expectations. The game itself is fun, lots to see and do, and the hacking aspect adds a new layer to a somewhat tired genre.

People are so excited about the Division and I feel it's going to be the same thing all over again. That game has downgrade written all over it.

listenkids1474d ago

I think the Snowdrop engine will hold up better than Disrupt.

Neonridr1474d ago

holding up better still doesn't mean it's going to look and play as well as the initial reveal. That thing was too good to be true.

the_hitman30001474d ago

Well it is a different engine and unlike Watch Dogs this is only for current consoles. It should not be downgraded.

Neonridr1474d ago

I am merely saying that it won't look as good as the reveal. I understand it's not for the previous gen consoles, but that doesn't mean that the graphics we saw in the reveal are any indication of what the game will look like in the end. I hope I am proven wrong, but I think the game will end up having to be downscaled as well.

the_hitman30001474d ago

You could be right, I just think people always will expect a downgrade for every game now. No matter if it did or not people will try to believe that. Like with Infamous SS.