Pre-order updates (6/1/14)

Check out the large list of latest games that can be pre-ordered at retailers.

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shivvy241230d ago

Would recommend keeping away from battlefield until after launch. Biggest mistake I made was buying bf4 before console launch. Was completely unplayable.

Detoxx1230d ago

Battlefield 4 CTE will be directly implemented into Hardline.

Pillsbury11230d ago

Sad how they are turning the once great battlefield into a yearly cod craptacular.

Matt6661230d ago

I keeping away from hardline since I heard that you tubers are going too be helping with the game.

The_KELRaTH1230d ago

Does it come with a "Fully working on day 1" warranty??

Pillsbury11230d ago

Never buying ANYTHING EA early on, I will wait and see if it's laggy and full of bugs.