15 Fixes for Murdered: Soul Suspect PC Crashes, Missing Exe, Corrupt files, VSync 30FPS, Launch fail

Crash Wiki presents the solutions to some of the common problems in Murdered: Soul Suspect PC version, such as crashes, errors, low FPS, and control issues.

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vork771503d ago

pc has this problem ps4 dont

SlapHappyJesus1503d ago

Not all PCs are created equal and, from what I've seen, this isn't exactly game of the year anyway.
Pick your battles, vork. Pick your battles.

Godmars2901503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

No. While this is a sign of gross incompetence - or at least not enough testing - its also the perfect example which the PC "Master Race" wont understand because they've accepted it for too long.

Though game on consoles will never look as good as they could on a PC, its that the standardization of hardware on consoles, that they are - or where - a no hassle option to play a game, is why they're the more popular platform. There are no upgrade or debug issues - unless the programming was even more of a mess than this case.

I'm talking about the average PC user or general consumer, not just the average PC gamer.

That's two different animals.

SlapHappyJesus1503d ago

Considering I have 500 games on my PC and I have issues playing five of them; that tells me it's normally a vocal minority with rather specific issues 99% of the time.

aLiEnViSiToR1503d ago

WTF did they even test this game at all before releasing it O_o this is doing to be a decade of lazy devs !!!

camel_toad1503d ago

I miss the old days before patching existed and they actually did exhaustive testing before launching a game - referring to both pc and consoles.

JayRobert1500d ago

This game runs smooth on my pc i havent had any crahses but i must point out the textures look like ass, and the cutscenes are movie files which make the game look blurry and compressed