Watch_Dogs - Setting Configuration Tool Gives You More Graphics Options To Tweak

Remember those lovely screenshots that were captured via some hidden graphical options? Well, get ready everyone for a treat. Guru3D’s member ‘Stone Gargoyle’ has shared a configuration tool for Watch_Dogs that lets you adjust those settings without the need of editing your .cfg or .xml files.

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hiredhelp1362d ago

Oh frikken awsome defo gonna try this out thx.

F4sterTh4nFTL1362d ago

Very useful, Watch Dogs looks even better on my PC now.

bienio1361d ago

Intresting:) but with my card gtx460 I cant do a lot, Good Im change my card end of the year!!;)

Dynasty20211361d ago

Really want the mods to get hold of this and make it look less like a rubbish PS4 game, and like it did at E3, like they did with Dark Souls 2 using SweetFX, ENBs etc.

ScottyHoss1361d ago

I don't think this game is rubbish on PS4, it actually looks good. Not infamous good but good for consoles

Lon3wolf1361d ago

Thought the gedosato tool for DS 2 worked on other games? Not tested it myself.

killzone6191361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

the game has less problems on PS4 than on PC

the PC version of WD is in shambles right now.

starchild1361d ago

Nonsense. I'm running it at ultra settings and getting a solid 30fps. So it runs just as good as the console version, but has far better anti-aliasing, better shadow resolution, better ambient occlusion, and runs at a higher resolution (2048 x 1152). I don't know how it runs on AMD hardware, but if you have an Nvidia card it should be running very well for you.

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