NHL 15: First screenshot unveiled

EA Sports has released the first-ever screenshot from the upcoming NHL 15 video game.

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TheSoundDefense1382d ago

My family are huge hockey fans, maybe I should pick this one up. That screenshot is pretty great.

Thefreeman0121382d ago

Need more screens to get a decent idea of how it will turn out

TH3BR3W1382d ago

That is a pre-rendered scene usually like the short videos they show in the beginning of the game or if you let your controller sit for too long. While it looks good don't expect it to look like that unless they decided to use the modified crysis engine for it.

mcstorm1382d ago

Looking forward to seeing this game really want a next gen NHL game as im done with fifa for a few years now and I am a massive NHL fan.

SmielmaN1382d ago

Hope Subban won the cover vote!

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