Xbox E3 2014 Predictions: Halo overload, Buzzwords, Price Cuts and more

GGG writes about what they think Microsoft will show the gaming world when they take the stage on Monday June 9th.

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Revolt131360d ago

I really wish they had waited on all these announcements, it would have been one hell of an E3 for them

Lawboy21360d ago

Why do ppl keep saying things like this....they informed the masses before hand that these announcements were coming to make room for bigger announcements

Naga1360d ago

Precisely. Information overload is not good marketing. They are planning to have a very powerful narrative for their E3 story. Too many big announcements will clutter the message.

And besides, they will still show these things they are announcing early - we just don't get a rapid-fire cluster bomb of shock and awe.

Think of it like a good fireworks show.

mrpsychoticstalker1360d ago

They unveiled so many stuff prior to e3. I'm sure they have a bomb for e3. I wonder what it is.

Killzoner991360d ago

Doubt it. The Xbones install base is so low not many high profile games are being made for it. Developers are literally terrified to make games for it.

christocolus1360d ago

Lol. Thanks again for your very constructive and positive input but oh look your out of bubbles..I guess its already time for you to get back under that bridge.

Dewitt1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

I love what they did here, great marketing. Gave every big announcement it's time in the spotlight for the public to see it and get hyped. Rather than getting lost among the ridiculous amount of announcements for E3.