The Last of Us PS4 Release Date to be Announced Soon

Game director of The Last of Us confirms that a release date is set in stone, ready to be announced soon, likely at E3.

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Yi-Long1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

... I expect a PS4 trailer for this game, which looks terrific, followed by a "... and you can download it..... NOW!"

... followed by a crowd going wild.

ats19921360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

While i did really like the last of us i doubt the crowd will go wild for a remastered game that came out a year ago.

Rogert1360d ago

Not sure why you are getting downvotes. Most people have played the game and nobody is going to go crazy in the audience if the release date is announced as well.

incendy351360d ago

True, unless they make it a free PS+ game, then I would be excited.

mr2331360d ago

I agree. The game was great. The gameplay, the story the graphics, everything was extremely well done. BUT I played the story through and doing it again will not be as powerful. Also, I do not appreciate Sony telling us that it won't come out on PS4 so we would buy it at the end of last gen, and now here it is. Count me out.

NatureOfLogic_1360d ago

@ Rogert, ats1992 is a known Xbox fanboy coming into a Playstation article with nothing positive to say. That's where the disagrees are coming from. It's not hard to remember the few Xbox fanboys that troll PS4 articles a lot.

ats19921360d ago

@ ArgumentumAdPopulum

With a comment history like that you really shouldnt be talking. Plus i didnt say anything bad about the last of us. I really liked the game but come on do you really see the crowd going wild over a remastered game that came out a year ago

LOGICWINS1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

I dont expect people to go nuts. Yeah, they'll applaud. Maybe a few "Woos!" but nothing crazy. I already finished the game on the PS3 but Im buying it on the PS4 because its the best game Ive played in years and I didnt play left behind.

I think the big news is that people who already bought the game on PS3 are getting a huge discount. And an even bigger discount on top of that if they are Plus members.

@incendy35- Imagine they make it free on PS Plus for 24 hours. That would awesome!

mr2331360d ago

@Ats1982 I feel your pain. Look at my comment. I had nothing but good things to say about the game, but because I am not creaming myself over the re-release, I got ALL downvotes. Fanboyism does not allow for discussion or disagreement.

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jmac531360d ago

I expect Uncharted demo or trailer followed by Last of Us release date/trailer and hopefully a Last of Us 2 teaser.

XiSasukeUchiha1360d ago

August is my guess for a release month, it's seems rational but I could be wrong.

cloud4951360d ago

Yeah I think so too. A NZ retailer had the game release date as August 12th but they changed it quickly to TBA.

SolidGear31360d ago

It says Fall in this trailer for the Remastered PS4 and Game of the Year PS3 editions

rivencleft1360d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if at E3 this year they announce it releases that Friday the 13th, to coincide with what they did with it's original release, announcing it on stage at E3 for release that Friday.

DonDon1360d ago

Why do we have to wait so long just for the release date of an HD remake? Just get it over with already?

Hazmat131360d ago

i thought it was gonna be the clip with bill saying "lets get on with it"

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