EA SPORTS UFC Visuals Set New Standard for Genre

GoodGameBro writes, "The EA SPORTS UFC demo released today on Xbox One and PS4 and the visuals are setting a new standard for the fighting genre. This is no surprise as this is the first game of its kind on the new consoles, but you can tell the team at EA SPORTS spent a lot of time on the nuances of the UFC to make the game feel, look and sound more authentic than any other fighting game in the past."

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bacrec11360d ago

Why can't I touch gloves with my competitor.

JetsFool35001360d ago

It was in the gameplay vid with jose aldo & Anthony pettis im guessing you just cant do it in the demo

MeLoveRamen1360d ago

I am very disappointed with this game. They basically took THQ undisputed's code and just gave it a new coat of paint and a couple new animations. You can tell by how the players react to punches and how they throw them. It might be a new engine for graphics and a couple new mechanics but the code is basically the same as the old games, which disappoints me considering they said this game is built brand new from the ground up.

Krimmson1360d ago

Actually this game seems to remind me more of EA Sports MMA but with the Undisputed control scheme.

boing11360d ago

For me controls are far from Undisputed. Layout is similar but they are clunky as hell.

DEEBO1360d ago

I don't think it looks that good to be honest the THQ game looks just as good but it is fun and I will be picking it on the 17.

Lol I just beat my son so bad he was in tears such a sore loser.

stavrami-mk21360d ago

I thought the same it looks good but the screenshots I'v. Seen made it look a million times better. Seems to play quite well though

karlowma1360d ago

"Lol I just beat my son so bad he was in tears such a sore loser."

Haha. Today's winner of the internet. :D

ShinMaster1360d ago

""the THQ game looks just as good""

Nor really...

Clover9041360d ago

The graphics are great, but the animations have room for improvement. But for a first title EA UFC looks great.

Anyone have any tips for achieving the takedown?

brich2331360d ago

Theres a forced tutorial that will teach you how to do it.

gnothe11360d ago

not impressed...they flat out lied don't look like the reveal trailer that they claimed was game play just like they did with the madden 25 an nba live footage...EA needs to be sued for their bogus claims an actually advertise what their selling...

Aces171360d ago

The gap between what they showed for this and what the game is not remotely as big as Live or Madden. You have nothing to complain about.

brish1360d ago

Are you suggesting if they lie less than they lied for other games it's okay?

Gemmol1360d ago

Regardless its not cool to do, all it do will keep making them doing it over and over.....i hope you understand

itisallaboutps1360d ago

Its ea. They slowly improve every year and drop support on the early games so people buy the new one. Just because they have the license to popular leagues they always have the power

JetsFool35001360d ago

I would agree with you but ea already said ufc wont get annualized so im pretty sure they'll support it more

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The story is too old to be commented.