Xbox One Games With Gold Titles Can be Played Offline

Contrary to some rumors, Xbox One Games with Gold titles can be played if you take your console off line.

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jackanderson19851475d ago

well there ya go all that hooha for nada... kinda surprised no MS guys came out and squashed it earlier to be honest

Kingthrash3601475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

I'm not saying this is not true...but the rumors said it was a online check-in format. So let's wait at least 24 hrs before we go saying 100% false. I also wondered why no comment from ms on the matter...maybe its that.
Just saying.

jackanderson19851475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

I do believe the site in question said you couldn't access them at all if you weren't on an active connection constantly, you also alluded to such in your own comments on the article I believe

mhunterjr1475d ago

Why wait 24hrs to discredit a rumor that has no source at all? It was literally pulled out of thin air.

Pogmathoin1475d ago

Hunter..... Many things pulled out of the air..... Bitching on MS is better than playing games on a make believe PS4, its the way for many here..... On both sides to be honest..... Everyone seems to have many options now..... Good times, you would think....

Kingthrash3601475d ago

Wow I'm not wow. Look I hope for the best. I hope its like they say it is. I really do. But I'm just stateing we should wait to jump to any conclusion. I said 24hrs because that was the check in all. I hope they will not put a check in at all.. But givin the history of how ms does things there is reason to keep the bad possibilities in mind. Period.
Keep me out of the war sh!t. I see things for what they are, ms has been the king of catches and small print antics. I choose to be cautious of them. if all is well then great...awsome. But i wont forget what they did and wont trust them until proven.

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No_Limit1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Why MS need to reply to a random blogger that don't know what he is talking about? It was already put out when it was first published on back on May 13th that games for gold for XB1 requires a subscription and the topic on needing "constant internet" was silent and resulted in zero hits with Google search. All a sudden, a random person claim something on the net and people think he knows something as huge as claiming 'constant internet connection' needed to run the games when all the big sites like IGN, Eurogamers didn't.

It is just common sense that that rumor was false but for some strange reason , 75% of the posters there want to believe it is true. smh

Magicite1475d ago

single player modes now can be played offline? No shit!

Christopher1475d ago

Figured the rumor was a bit heavy-handed.

Bundi1475d ago

I vote for a ban against the site that claimed otherwise for hits.
It was front page and everybody seemed to like it. Ban it and do so now!!

BitbyDeath1475d ago

If we went and banned every site that put out false information then we'd have none left.

Bundi1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

See the words rumour anywhere on that article? It was a hit mongering article pushed onto us like fact, not a rumour at all.

BAN IT NOW! Journalstic integrity needs to make a comeback and it starts by weeding out the garbage like this.

palaeomerus1475d ago

"If we went and banned every site that put out false information then we'd have none left."

Ok. So what's the down side?

MRMagoo1231475d ago

If any site deserves to be banned its VGfakecharts and the fake made up numbers every week, that the guy has to change every time official numbers come out, it also seems to be he has to lower the xbone numbers and raise the sony ones to get them where they really are.

gamerfan09091475d ago

VGchartz never claims to be an an accurate sales measure. They claim to give out rough estimates based off of their retail sources. They pretty much confirm that their site is 100 percent rumors.

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