Descend into Darkness with Tormentum, an Upcoming Point-and-Click Adventure

Sometimes when going into the “are video games art?” discussion, we neglect to remember that the graphics alone can resemble masterpieces. Polish OhNoo Studio’s newest game, Tormentum, is a point-and-click adventure with art you’d mistake for van Gogh’s in a museum.

A nameless amnesiac finds himself in a cage positioned under a flying contraption. With only a vague memory of a statue with human hands lingering in his mind, he wants to summon back his past. However, the flying ship lands in a mysterious, dark castle, entrapping him. Solving a variety of puzzles with locks, traps, and gates, he plans to travel this surreal, strange world to uncover the truth about himself. Journeying along the three different lands, he encounters various allies and foes, making moral choices that impact the ending of the game.

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