User Discovers Mysterious 'Hidden Cat' Menu In PSN Store

GearNuke: "One user stumbled on this 'Hidden Cat' menu on the PSN Store by accident."

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admiralvic1175d ago

Interesting menu, though I don't see whats so funny about the name. Hidden Cat is probably short for Hidden Category and its probably called that to make it obvious to anyone working that it's suppose to be hidden.

Mikey322301175d ago

You took the words out of my mouth.

Hidden Category

Prime1571175d ago

I was thinking lucky cat, as in the animal, because many Asian cultures have lucky cat icons.

I'm actually really annoyed with myself for coming to that conclusion over "hidden category" lol.

fenome1175d ago

That's all it is, just like when they let rental days slip last time before they were beta testing PS Now. It's gone quick after it slips, update drama.

andibandit1175d ago

Sounds like hidden megatons to me, problably a new ip developed in secrecy by nd

frameflip1175d ago


frameflip1175d ago

Looks like the Cat's out the bag.... BADUM-PSSH!

user14394141175d ago

Playstation is LIFE. I love you Yoshida and Mark Cerny for making the best console IN THE WORLD.

Giul_Xainx1175d ago

I'm waiting for the new meme and pic to come out for this..... like an old pawn shop poster.

ThatOneGuyThere1174d ago


I love PlayStation and video games in general as much as the next guy, but you've crossed the line into creepy territory.

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fenome1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

It's kind of funny on this site considering Cat is an OG :p

liquidhalos1175d ago

Hidden category? Half life 3 confirmed!

Delsin_Rowe1174d ago

Stopped with Half Life 3 confirmed! It's already confirmed that the game exist and it been work on but won't be announce until Valve is ready to introduce it to the world to show its new amazing story line so believe me since you call me a fanboy.

liquidhalos1174d ago


No need to be grumpy dude, its a joke. A very very loooooong standing joke and i wont stop occasionally doing it just because your grumpy. And i only called you a fanboy because of your statements and ridicule on another post (in which you asked people to call you a fanman) Ps, your my first N4G stalker. Cheers for checking out my posts and saying hello.

XiSasukeUchiha1175d ago

Cool little easter egg I think.

Disagree1175d ago

everytime I read one of your comments I lose brain cells.

Madderz1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

I'd advise not reading his comments then.

That sounds serious.


Dying_Jester1175d ago

Oh darn, I clicked on this thinking someone at Sony had an odd sense of humor and they had a secret section of the PSN store devoted to cats.

Blank1175d ago

That wouldve been.... The cats meow..... *looks around* well i guess will *gone*

inmusicutrust1175d ago

I was really hoping thats what it was. I was rather disappointed.

Killzoner991175d ago

This is pretty cool. Sony is always full of surprises and this is a perfect example. Who knows what other hidden surprises are locked in the PS4. With the Xbone what you see is what you get.

Ben Dover1175d ago

Are we really praising Sony for accidentally keeping a hidden category on the PSN store? Really?

vivid831175d ago

I don't see any praising going on

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KwietStorm1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Wow. Much wow.

Necro_5591175d ago

See what you set on the Xbox1? really? How about being able to enter button combos that will turn your system into a debug mode. And so many other hidden features. Get out of here kid.....

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I seen this today around 3:45pm eastern time. When i was looking for the ufc demo


4 disagree for saying something that i did, i guess i'll let the desagree wagon out