Xemness's Top Ten RPGs of the Last Fifteen Years

Xemness writes:

"The RPG, also known as the Role Playing game, is the most immersive and expansive genre of the video games media. I love these kinds of games, and when I find one I really enjoy, I tend to forget the rest of my life for quite some time. You start playing at three in the afternoon, and then it is suddenly two in the morning. The glory of the RPG genre cannot be overstated, and it will always be my personal favorite type of video game. I’m going to give you my top 10 favorite single player time sinks of the last fifteen years (as of 2014) to get lost in. For this list, I used only one game per franchise, and the single player campaign has to be the largest aspect of the game and the primary reason why it was purchased. So without any further delay, let the countdown begin!"

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joab7771507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

My list is similar. But I wasn't as high on skyrim and mass effect 2. Now, I loved MW2, dont get me wrong, but id almost not call it an rpg.

I would add 3 games. Ni No Kuni, Valeria Chronicles, and Lost Odyssey.

And props to the mention of Dragons Dogma. It is one of my all time favorite rpgs. Its just that, for me it pushed the mmo genre with its endgame content. Unfortunately there was nothing to do with all the endgame gear u got. I leveled too high and neither ng+ nor the dlc was much of a challenge. But there were so many good things about that game.

King_of_Nothing1507d ago

dumb question, but whats MW2?

On another note, I'd also add Ni No Kuni, VC, and LO too. Those were awesome games! I agree with some of the list, but most of them are all open world games. Im surprised there was no mention of the Tales series, Star Ocean, or other more "classic" RPGS