Talking Point: What Are Your Fondest Memories of the PSP?

Push Square: "There’s something poetic about the PlayStation Portable bowing out just as the PlayStation 4 claims its place at the head of the home console space. Back in the hazy days of 2004, a much more lucrative Sony was on top of the world, with the PlayStation 2 blowing away its competitors, and the Japanese giant’s oft-rumoured handheld device garnering publicity based on brand power alone. Fast-forward ten years and times have been tough for the format holder, but while its first foray into the pocketable gaming space never quite unlocked the imagination of the mainstream market like so many anticipated in those early days, the system can still be looked upon with fond memories."

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Dizzydrifter11421d ago

I remember watching porn on a friends psp. Then I got one installed nes,gameboy games.

bothebo1421d ago

Haha ........... exactly

admiralvic1421d ago

Having all my friends tell me to stop playing Osu! Banchou. Such an awesome game. =[

BrianG1421d ago

The time it shut down mid install of an update and bricked, and when it got lost in the mail by USPS..........

Aside from the that I loved the psp, never bought another one after that, thanks again USPS, but I'm soon going to buy a Vita.

NovusTerminus1421d ago

Monster Hunter, PSP2, and Crysis Core.

Never got to play BbS. D is sidi a was also really good.

WeAreLegion1421d ago

Launch day. Playing Twisted Metal, watching Spider-man 2, and going through all the music videos on the demo UMD. Clubfoot by Kasabian has been in my head ever since. I loved the PSP.