PlayStation E3 Conference Movie Theaters Experience Gets New Locations

Tickets for the free PlayStation E3 conference broadcast in several North American movie theaters evaporated extremely quickly, but according to host Geoof Keighley, a limited number of new theaters has been added.

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ZodTheRipper1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

They actually did it, that's crazy good marketing to say the least. I still think that they could've charged a few bucks for it... this campaign probably cost them a few tenthousand dollar to rent all these cinemas. Still I'm sure it will pay off, this will generate lots of hype.

LOGICWINS1475d ago

If they're renting out that many theaters, then what they're showing must be huge.

ZodTheRipper1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

I thought so too but I'm not completely sure that this is the reason for this campaign. I think the main reason is to strengthen their presence in the US where Microsoft had the upper hand during the last few years. Most of their marketing seems to be focused on North America so this is probably just a strategical move.

Still I don't doubt that they'll have a tremendous E3, maybe even their strongest yet since there are a lot of possible megaton announcements that could be made. Project Beast, The Last Guardian, Syphon Filter, Gran Turismo 7 or Wipeout are just some of them.

KendrickLamar1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

I have a great feeling it will be huge! Imma be in the theater like this:

AliTheSnake11475d ago

My state still isn't there. Would have payed for the ticket to see it.

Hellsvacancy1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

I really don't think Sony are going through this much effort just to announce afew new games, I bet Sony are going to focus more on Project Morpheus

"Witness the birth of the new era in gaming" (NOT my words) I can see someone saying something like that

darthv721475d ago

it sure is a neat idea but i cant drive all the way to San Francisco to watch. I will enjoy the show from my game room. it isnt the same experience by any means but I have beer and snacks and my own private bathroom.

-Foxtrot1475d ago

If Crash Bandicoot is revealed then I can totally see the point of this

Getting people to see Crash Bandicoot, an guy you grew up with as a kid back on a Sony console.

Destrania1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

I have a ticket for Seattle but none of my friends would be able to go if I do, so I've been going back and forth about going. Finding out that Sucker Punch is going to be there makes my decision to possibly not go A LOT harder haha.

Charybdis1475d ago

Maybe stupid question but do cinemas nowadays have internetconnections so they can download the latest movie releases. If not how will Sony provide a stable connection and stream for the cinemas.

choujij1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

"PlayStation E3 Conference Movie Theaters Experience Gets New Loc..."
And they're sold out.

UltimateMaster1474d ago

Do you guys think they'll have VR headsets as demonstration over there?

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BattleReach1475d ago

Well, the cinemas will sell much food and drinks and shite. So it's good for them too, and it doesn't cost them any money.

ZodTheRipper1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

It costs the cinema personnel, electricity and possibly heating. Sony must've paid a few hundred dollars per cinema there's no way around it, so charging up to 5$ for it wouldn't hurt anybody.

@Abriael: I think so too but it's probably also varying per cinema so I'd say we're somewhere in between 500 and 5000 dollars each. Still very expensive even for a huge company like Sony.

Abriael1475d ago

ZodTheRipper: I'm quite sure they paid a few thousands dollars per theater. A few hundreds is way too little.

Talidan1475d ago

The costs for the theater would be fairly limited. It wouldn't be much different if it were a regular movie, really.

When you buy a ticket, the theater gets a tiny amount of that, if any at all. Major theater chains have better deals, but my local, small-town theater doesn't even get a cut of ticket sales.

That's why concessions are so costly.

jukins1475d ago

It's not gonna cost sony that much I'm sure they got a good deal because honestly the movie theaters on Monday are kinda dead.

rainslacker1475d ago

I worked for a company that rented a theater once, and it cost just under $1000. That was about 10 years ago.

A lot of the cost depends on the services that the theater will provide, and what time of day it is. I know anytime between 6-10 and the cost goes up, but during the day, when we did it, it was significantly cheaper.

Anyone know if they rented out the whole cineplexes or just individual theaters at each?

MazzingerZ1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

SONY is movies as well, they are business partners, I don't really care what it costs them, I am only impressed it's for free and the "For the gamers" slogan is not just BS, just enjoy guys!

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Magicite1475d ago

sony is in no position to waste money, so expect a uber amazing e3 from them.

XiSasukeUchiha1475d ago

Sony's E3 is going to be big Confirmed!

0P-Tigrex1474d ago

You're obnoxious. You give Sasuke a bad name.

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admiralvic1475d ago

Still nothing in Michigan. =\

Unreal011475d ago

Still nothing at all in the UK :( I'm jealous of you Americans.

-Foxtrot1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Pretty sure they think we won't be able to stay up late or something

They mustn't know about all those cinema events which last from 11/12 at night to like 6/7 in the morning.

I remember going to a horror one on Halloween...5 films in one sitting. It was awesome.

Copen1475d ago

SCEA is for NA so no they didn't and won't be adding theaters for the UK and they shouldn't. NA gets E3 and the UK gets Gamescom and Asia gets TGS so stop expecting something that's not coming. It's annoying to say the least hearing Euros complaining over this.

-Foxtrot1475d ago


"and the UK gets Gamescom"

Gamescom is held in Germany so no...the UK does not get it.

What's so bad about them doing a few cinema things in our country. It's like because it's in your country you don't give a shit about other people, kind of selfish to be honest.

Madderz1474d ago

"SCEA is for NA so no they didn't and won't be adding theaters for the UK and they shouldn't. NA gets E3 and the UK gets Gamescom and Asia gets TGS so stop expecting something that's not coming. It's annoying to say the least hearing Euros complaining over this."

What a horrible, arrogant statement.

E3 will be watched by gamers world wide and we are all as excited as each other.

I too wish they were doing this in the UK.

Why wouldn't you? We are all gamers. All part of the same family.

I'm happy for you Americans and rather quite jealous. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be involved too.

No need to be so unfriendly.



Sony themselves streamed last E3 in a pletheora of languages. I know because I had to sit through awful portuguese translation for half the conference when my good strem went down (the translation was awful, the E3 was great, just to clarify).

Why do you think they go through this effort if E3 only concerned America? It's absurdity really, E3 is a industry show, although those main conferences are somewhat more aimed at the general public, it's still of big concern for the industry worldwide. Also, you do know SCEA covers all Americas (North, Central and South), right? Not just two countries...

That said, I don't think this could be done worldwide really... To start, ESRB disclaimer wouldn't cut it... They would need to cerify some demos thorugh PEGI, BBFC, USK, Classification Board, CERO, Classificação Indicativa and what not... They would also have problems with different publishing partners for each game elsewhere, also different deals (if any is announced) and content available. The translation would need much more attention too, also better logistics to deploy the show everywhere. It's just not practical, so I agree, this is obviously not going o happen.

But if I were Sony I would make an exception for UK. It's a market that shows the same tendecies than NA in many areas, so they could use the positive effect on both as they had been the strongest markets for their main competitor. Also it's a much smaller population, some 2 or 3 theaters would be fair (obviously not enough for everyone that wants to go, but it's not so in anywhere else). Also it only really adds one different market as far as offerings, deals, ratings, publishing agreements, and what not to go through... If at all, this could be took off the hook by having a pre-show disclaimer that those deals, dates and what not are, as of the moment of reveal, only for America, with information for UK market coming soon.

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Rockefellow1475d ago

There are so many great theaters here, it's hard to believe there wasn't a single one suitable for use. I don't know if they're afraid of Detroit or something, but the suburbs have some absolutely stunning theaters and cinemaplexes alike that would serve this event well, and plenty of high-quality theaters located right off of major freeways in the Metro-Detroit area.

Hell, I'd be willing to drive out to Grand Rapids or as far up as Flint just to get a chance to participate in this. It's a shame that nothing could be done for the legions of fans Sony has in the ol' Mitten. It would have been nothing but good PR to get in as many states as possible.

admiralvic1475d ago

There are many nice theaters in MI, such as Emagine Royal Oak (which is also in a great little town), but I digress.

"Hell, I'd be willing to drive out to Grand Rapids or as far up as Flint just to get a chance to participate in this."

I haven't a clue where you're in MI, but you could go to Columbus Ohio. I would consider that, but I recall that being a 3 hour trip (1 way) for me. Between that and having MI plates in Ohio... yeah, not worth it for me. xD

Rockefellow1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Admiralvic-- The Ohio location tempted me when I first heard about this event, but I ultimately decided against it. It would indeed have been around a 3 hour trip, and under the circumstances I'd probably have gotten a hotel room with a couple of friends (as opposed to getting home at 2-3 in the morning).

No big deal, but a little too expensive overall just to watch E3, when I typically throw a pretty decent party right at home around the event anyway. An hour or so in-state would have been just close enough to make it worthwhile, but as you say, heading to Ohio just isn't something you WANT to do as a Michigan resident.

Copen1475d ago

Detroit is bankrupt haven't you heard?

Stedron1474d ago

Stay away from Flint!!!!!!!!!!

Cable2kx1474d ago

Media gives detroit such a bad name... Westland, Canton and Ann Arbor area have bunch amazing places to show this. I agree with you guys i would have drove to Grand Rapids to see this. I'm a few hours drive from the Ohio location but It's Ohio not going there.

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XiNarutoUzumaki1475d ago

This is a really good idea. It brings gamers together, and there's nothing better than being in a group of people who lobe the same hobby as you.

HyperBear1475d ago

No new theatres for Canada, yet! :(...oh well

vivid831475d ago

I feel like were gonna be blown away this year at E3.
cant wait

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