PSLS - Lemmings Touch Review (Vita)

From PSLS:

"One of the first games that I had on my computer way back when I was a kid was a copy of Lemmings, the fantastic strategy game where you played as God to a series of small creatures that couldn't help but to continue walking forward until "God" assigned them a task, whether it be bashing through walls, digging straight down, blocking other lemmings, or simply becoming a time bomb. The task was to navigate each level using a combination of these abilities and more without killing all of your lemmings it some brutally sad yet sickeningly satisfying way. Over 20 years later, Lemmings is making its debut on the Vita in the form of Lemmings Touch. The objective remains the same, but some of the modern updates hinder a bit of the enjoyment that made the Lemmings series so great."

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JonnyBigBoss1481d ago

This looks like a fun pick up.

knifefight1481d ago

I feel like this is best done with a mouse.

Wedge191480d ago

Lemmings is still best played with a mouse, yes, but this isn't a terrible alternative.