PSLS - Mind Zero Review (Vita)

From PSLS:

"Some may say that the Vita isn't getting any games, which may be true from the perspective of the traditional American gamer that is looking for the next great AAA game from Sony themselves. Behind the curtain however, the Vita is being inundated with release after release of JRPG localizations that may elude most gamers' awareness. They range from horrible to something a little closer to perfect. Perhaps the most agonizing trend is the lack of any real change or update in the genre at all. Mind Zero (stylized MIND≒0) actually manages to break free from a couple JRPG tropes, while full embracing a few others and exuding mediocrity the whole way."

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knifefight1508d ago

I find the dungeon crawling decent so far.

Wedge191507d ago

Dungeon crawling is alright, and I was impressed by the battle system, but it feels very repetitive after a while and the static exposition story scenes still really bother me in this genre. I don't need to watch character stills talk about sock shopping for five minutes, and have that considered a "side quest". It makes me really just want to get back into a dungeon.

rextraordinaire1508d ago

I really like the game. For me it's a solid 7/10!

jegheist20141507d ago

im loving this game also since i saved 13 bux of retail to get digital plus 5 dollar free coupon form sony i got game pratically half off.

its good 7.5 for me but at 40 bux i would rated it 6 most cuz i felt cheated but its good decent long game in persona vibe.

i got demon gaze also i prefer this over that rate it higher imho

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