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1 Year Later: Did Sony Keep Their E3 2013 Promises?

Back in June 2013, it seemed like Sony pretty much stole the show from Microsoft with their E3 briefing. But do their promises still hold up now, almost a year later? Following yesterday's look at Microsoft's big press conference from last year, it's time to examine Sony's. (E3, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony)

GamerSciz  +   138d ago
If you don't care to read the article or don't like Kotaku (or both) I will sum it up for you.

Sony made around maybe 30 promises or so. In the end they kept around 26 of them. Only a few weren't kept and for the most part they were minor ones.
Stuart5756  +   138d ago
Absolutely correct, stuff like 'Flixster' not becoming available and times when they said a game would come out in 2014 then it got delayed, nothing major but it does mean that Sony are honest and don't go bull****ing people. Remember the very first Rising trailer on 360's conference and the dude asked Kojima 'and it's exclusive to 360, right?' Kojima had no idea what he'd said and just nodded along and then the douche acted like it was goin to be 360 exclusive. It was all straightened out afterward. I remember thinking that they would surely know beforehand whether it was exclusive or not and they were simply trying to drum up some 360 hype. Sony though always straight to the point, and deliver.
arinaborina  +   138d ago
what r u talking about? kojima was on xbox for the first time on 2013, never for rising.
DARK WITNESS  +   138d ago
@ Arinaborina

you may want to take a look at this


Remember, google is your friend
WitWolfy  +   138d ago
Idiot, he said something like "Kojima what will Solid Snake be up to this time?" and Kojima replied "said who said anything about Solid Snake."
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Darkstares  +   138d ago
"The Promise: 20 new SCE Worldwide Studios games will be launched for the PS4 in the console's first year. P

True? Well, in the six and a half months since the PS4's launch, there have been four (or five if you include the pre-installed Playroom): Knack and Killzone Shadow Fall on November 15, 2013, inFamous Second Son on March 21, 2014, and MLB 14 on May 6, 2014."

I wouldn't exactly call that minor. I also wouldn't count some of the promised updates to the hardware like DLNA, MP3 support, resume and play, and the ability to take control of another players games to be minor either.

So far the major strengths are obviously the power of the hardware, the controller and the indie game support.
Tiqila  +   138d ago
consoles first year is not over yet. There might be more games to come and if it ends up being 15 instead of 20 games in the consoles first year than I am more than satisfied.
Lord Maim  +   137d ago
The first year ends on November 15, 2014: Five months from now.

To put it in perspective, the busiest season for releases is always Q4, so that games are in store in time for Black Friday/Christmas. Less than a week from today, I'll bet you'll see a lot of those games shown at E3.
ab5olut10n  +   138d ago
For the most part, yes.
hellzsupernova  +   138d ago
not too badly really. They delivered for the most part bar a few delays.
Eonjay  +   138d ago
Pretty much but there is that one nagging promise of 20 games from WWS in the first year. They said that multiple times. How is that even possible or do they mean by end of fiscal 14? And TLOU and Beyond don't count because they aren't new.
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hellzsupernova  +   138d ago
I do not believe they ever said they would be released in the first year though I thought they said 20 first party games in development
US8F  +   138d ago
Yes, 20 (or 30) in development and 12 coming first year
Tiqila  +   138d ago
also, first year of ps4's lifecycle isn't over yet.
SkippyPaccino  +   138d ago
Technically they still have till the end of November ;-)... Might not be 20 but it will be close
Eonjay  +   138d ago
Here is an ign article with the same quote. http://m.ign.com/articles/2...

Even if you take away the Order its seems so unlikely unless there is some technicality like XDev indies or E3 is the mother of all bombshells.
hellzsupernova  +   138d ago
Holy crap. That means E3 could be insane?
Imalwaysright  +   138d ago
Politicians need to learn something from Sony.
truewittness  +   138d ago
They did...how to go in deep debt.
Gh05t  +   138d ago
If by learn you mean over promise, under deliver, never fire the people ultimately responsible and run a company in the red... pretty sure they have learned more than you might think.
Sloth-Eater  +   138d ago
I have a feeling we are all going to be really surprised by Sony's E3 show. Just a matter of days now.
Summons75  +   138d ago
Way More yeses than Microsoft, and people were trying to tell me M$ had a better show last year. Here's your proof they didn't.

This year sounds like its going to be all or nothing with everyone bringing it. Can't wait to see what everyone brings to the table.
hellzsupernova  +   138d ago
Where's the article on microsofts?
Summons75  +   138d ago

same site and same writer it was done before this one.
hellzsupernova  +   138d ago
Thanks I couldn't see it on there I'm on iPad so it is a pain.

Yeah seems a lot of microsofts stuff has been delayed or just not happened yet. Titanfall was to exclusive as well
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Gh05t  +   138d ago
Yeah Except there is only one legitimate NO! from the Microsoft article. There are a ton of "Not Yet" which to me isn't a promise broken if they never gave a time frame. I mean seriously who thought some of those games would be out by now? and saying that Halo 5 will come exclusively to xbox and saying Not yet... really? you think it will be multiplat?

The only no being black tusk working on a new IP, and there other no is actually backward as the 100 friends list limit was removed (Technically) and followed by a 1000 friends list limit but that information I am pretty sure was out before E3 even ended so not really like they lied about it. They didn't say you could have unlimited friends they just said they would remove the 100 friend limit... which they did.

Im not trying to be anti Sony here but to say it was way less than Microsoft is pretty unreasonable based on these two articles.
Gh05t  +   138d ago
Sorry I also forgot what to me was the biggest fiasco was the over promising of the release of the X1 in multiple markets that they later said would not happen. That was a HUGE oversight that is pretty tarnishing. I just wanted to add this to be fair since it is the ONE HUGE promise MS made and didn't deliver on.
Ryan741  +   138d ago
Sony are just the bestest most honest company around. Thanks to their advice I'm working two jobs and everything☺

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