Crimson Dragon currently 50% off on Xbox One

It’s no secret that Crimson Dragon didn’t really fly off and reach the heights it wanted when it was first released on Xbox One. Will a 50% price cut help it shift some units?

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SlavisH21355d ago

co-op is fun. i enjoyed the game. wish there was dlc

Magicite1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

this game aint worth even 1/10 of price.

ats19921355d ago

Based on your comment history you haven't played it and of course you would think that because you are a huge sony fanboy.

RmanX10001355d ago

wait when did this come out?!

ats19921355d ago

When the xbox one launched.

RmanX10001355d ago

seriously?.... shows how well it did i guess...

Dannyh1355d ago

The game was fun, It was a lot better after the patch came out for it

Volkama1354d ago

What did the patch do? I own the game but have not played it since pretty much launch.

Dannyh1354d ago

It balanced the difficult level better, also fixed the controls, the feel a lot better now not that feeling your just floating around anymore

Lawboy21355d ago

I think a lot of xbox one games went under the radar because of the big exclusives that came out...and now ppl are getting to enjoy them either with GWG...or with huge discounts...they need to give Peggie 2 away next month that would be amazing

spaceg0st1355d ago

Didn't even know this was out.

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The story is too old to be commented.