Monstrous 2D Action-Adventure Pale Blue Could Hit Wii U

It has emerged that the developer behind the 2D side scrolling action adventure game Pale Blue, are considering bringing the game to the Wii U eShop.

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XiSasukeUchiha1507d ago

Please Nintendo, pretty please.

Godmars2901507d ago

More a dev or Kickstarter thing.

fatneal1507d ago

my god...if this comes

ChickeyCantor1507d ago

I understand the limitations of artists if you have to do a lot of work. But why not make clever use of other tools? Why no render your sprites in 3D? That walk animation is terrible. lol

NovusTerminus1507d ago

Maybe they don't have a 3D artist and are using what they have.

And 3D animated stuff can look worse if the animator is bad. (Speaking from experience)

ChickeyCantor1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Yes no doubt, but like i said be creative with it. LEARN for the sake of getting things done. It doesn't need to be flashy, just good enough.
Because this just looks bad.

Even if it sounds harsh. I'm not just saying it to put them down.

It's not like the artist is just testing. It looks like it will actually end up in the game. And imo it doesn't look that great. The animation is all over the place.

A+ for effort though.

TM3331506d ago

I'd be interested in a Vita version.

Cryptcuzz1506d ago

PS4 version as well please!