Wii U Cyberpunk RPG Dex Gets Project Update

Prague-based indie developer Dreadlocks have released a new update about their successfully Kickstarted Cyberpunk RPG, Dex.

In this new update, the team reveal that progress is steaming ahead with a “a lot of game pieces in motion” and that “all members of the team are busily pushing” their tasks forward. One of the examples they give are the game’s improved animations by the lead artist Prokop Smetana. The entire animation set for the titular character Dex have been complete reworked to make them “feel smoother and more refined”.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1418d ago

Am I the only one feeling a sort of 2D Deus Ex Director's Cut vibe from this?

I hope not, cause it's a good thing.
I'll be looking forward to seeing how good they can make this...

SirNintend01417d ago

I feel the same way, with a dash of hype.