E3 2014 I 5 Games Sony Needs to Win E3

With the PlayStation 4 outperforming its competition, Sony has the momentum going into this year’s E3. How can they best capitalize? The Game Fanatics lists the five games that they want to see.

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Nanux1362d ago

They need crash bandicoot :D

sonypsnow1362d ago

Playable Final Fantasy XV at Sony Booth.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

When did the the Souls franchise become such a major player?

I remember when Demon souls first came out, it was a decent hit that kinda came out of nowhere, move foward to now, and we are talking about a Souls game closing out E3 for Sony?

I'm not sure I agree with that. Maybe this article is overrating Dark Souls a little bit. Don't get me wrong, Souls is amazing and a PS4 exclusive would be awesome! But to close out the show and win E3 for PS4? I mean Souls isn't Grand Theft Auto, It's not Final Fantasy, It's Not Metal Gear, it's not Call of Duty, I mean it's not in the same level in terms of popularity as those franchises, It's probably not even Uncharted or The Last of Us in terms of popularity. I like the Souls franchise but saying it's the top game that would win E3 for Sony might be going a bit overboard.

Rogert1362d ago

@Lightning Mr Bubbles

I have to agree with you on the Souls Franchise. Sales-wise it is no where close to being on the levels of the titles you mentioned and it is somewhat of a niche title so the author suggesting Sony close out E3 with Project Beast is pretty farfetched.

blitz06231362d ago

All they need is Project Beast which seems to be all but confirmed already

DragonKnight1362d ago

Who cares if the game isn't on GTA level of popularity? A game can only get to be that popular with work and time, and yet here are examples of people content with the status quo. I would love for Project Beast to close out Sony's E3 conference, and it sounds like you're underrating the Souls' series.

And on a personal note, Uncharted doesn't need to be there, nor does Order 1886. Give other games their spotlight instead of the typical stuff.

Saigon1362d ago

@Lightning Mr Bubbles and @Rogert

Souls was one of the quite hits from Sony. Sony seems to have a few each console generation and Souls was one for the PS3. I loved the game, hard as hell but it was a good game.

NatureOfLogic_1362d ago

To the people underestimating the Souls series, you guys have to realise that since demon soul's, the franchise has built a Xbox, Playstation and PC fanbase. Make a Souls exclusive and all of those fans will most like pick up a PS4. It's really smart move by Sony imo. Let the Souls series build up fans on Xbox 360 and PC, then lock down exclusive. Xbox 360 Dark Soul's fans are more likely to upgrade to PS4 whenever they decide to upgrade to next gen, Xbox One Dark Soul's fan are more likely to get a PS4 for the next Souls game and PC Dark Soul's fans will most likely see a reason to buy PS4. They hype for Project Beast is not only coming from the PS fanbase. It's genuine hype by all of soul's fans across three different platforms.

UltraNova1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )


That would be Demon Souls 2 not Dark Souls 3. I believe the Demon Souls IP is Sony owned,thus forcing the developer to create a slightly different universe with a similar name in order to go multiplatform and at the same time giving them a leg up by capitalizing on Demon's success.

So no need to worry about other fans, its PS fan territory here from the start. For me this is reason enough to get a ps4.

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pompombrum1362d ago

How can anyone disagree with this? A new Crash Bandicoot would be so hype.

UltraNova1362d ago

Imagine today's Naughty Dog making the next Crash...

It feels kinda weird doesn't it? Dontget me wrong I'm craving for some Crash but its feels weird coming from the guys who made TLoU...

MrSwankSinatra1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

could you imagine how funny it would be to see sony make commercials like that again? The only difference is sony would tantalize microsoft instead of nintendo.

Magicite1362d ago

sony wins by default, any games is a bonus.

CertifiedGamer1362d ago

Why are people hyping a guerrilla games RPG after the crap job storyline they did with Shadow Fall. The order 1882 would be a win as we have already seen it. The only thing I agree with is the game from the creators of dark souls. I hope Sony shows new stuff instead of things we seen. This list is trying to say that we should be excited to see things that we already know about. I don't want 2014-2016 to be 5 games, I rather see more.

theDivision1361d ago

That and I would love to see some deep down news....

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Flutterby1362d ago

Sony just need to do what they do every year and that's games.

darthv721362d ago

Yeah like wonderbook.

Okay...I kid...I kid.

Less talk about market share and more talk about upcoming games. You can never go wrong with showing off entertainment at an electronic entertainment expo.

thorstein1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Technologically speaking, Wonderbook was a cool concept. Think about that same type of game while wearing a Morpheus unit on your noggin and well, the experience becomes a ton more immersive.

EDIT: Why is immersive showing up as a misspelling? Weird. immersive. hmmm...

Unreal011362d ago

That's because you're spelling it wrong.

It's actually "immergheed". I know, it's always a difficult one to spell.

Sevir1362d ago

The most tantalizing thing about this year's E3 is Sony's Silence. MS has been drumming up a storm with teases and pre E3 announcements and that's been great, but Sony has been eerily quiet. Past e3s they've announced games Pre E3 and had the show focus on the announced stuff. I'm anticipating some incredible stuff this year in light of them shifting things to 2015.

Lawboy21362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

They've announce games and pre e3 announcements...ppl just aren't paying attention....they have project beast leaked, they've talked about playstation now and the beta for ps4, they've talked about uncharted and the last of us remastered and they have showed ample amount of footage from driveclub all these things have occurred this month

Also I forgot the e3 movie theaters all those things get ppl hyped for e3

Sevir1362d ago

I'm talking Game Announcements a big reveals just a month before. Driveclub got News End of April. PS Now was announced in Jan this year and the beta has been going on for a few weeks. It won't be a big presence.

The Pre E3 Teases and announcements have largely be absent. MS just announced Forza Horizon 2 among all the other teases and pre show trailers with Quantum Break, Halo 5 and Sunset Overdrive. Just saying
Leaks are leaks. But Sony have been quiet. Really quiet.

GribbleGrunger1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

I agree, Sevir. Would you want to fill American cinemas only to have people leaving disappointed? Would you let your 20th anniversary slip by without ceremony? We're in for a huge treat. I expect big announcements and revelations.

Lawboy21362d ago

By this month...I apologize I meant the month of may...also driveclub was a day before may hit and the bulk of the coverage was during the month of may the release date was April 29th....

Also I didn't say that sony e3 would not be big...I am driving 2 hours to see it in the movies after all I'm just saying if you look at the news that has been announced in may there was pre e3 news

asmith23061362d ago

All them things you mention we already knew about a long time ago except project beast.

Lawboy21362d ago

@ asmith

Same thing with Microsoft announcements everyone already knew about all there announcements since last year the only new thing is forza horizon but ppl already knew that was coming

I also forgot the order 1886 trailer

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jnemesh1362d ago

Between the incredible line up of games they will announce, Project Morpheus (hopefully, more concrete details on when we will see it at retail!), Vita, and Playstation Now...they are going to OWN this E3!

Rogert1362d ago

Project Morpheus will be interesting to see and don't expect a retail version until Fall 2015. The price point will determine if it is a success or failure.

From what I tried of Playstation Now, the beta on the PS3 and PS4, it works fairly well and could be a game changer once again depending on how the pricing structure is positioned.

ninsigma1362d ago

Those five games are great and all, but I would love for a lot of unannounced games. And I don't mean the likes of guerrilla game's unknown title, I mean stuff we never saw coming! But mostly I want last guardian on ps4 ^_^

Chillstep1362d ago

You can thank "insiders" for that, we see most games coming now because of them.

ninsigma1362d ago

I know, I'm getting sick of all this insider crap. There's no surprises anymore :(
And then when they're wrong we've gotten all hyped for nothing and end up being dissappointed!

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