Five Games We Want Revealed at E3 (Plus a Bonus Pick)

Buddy Acker and Karl Dodds listed some games the SpawnFirst staff wants to see revealed at E3.

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KarlosTheKid1477d ago

If any of those games get officially announced I'll be happy.

karamsoul1476d ago

Don't forget Red Dead 2/3, Bully 2, Onimusha, and more. 8)

KarlosTheKid1476d ago

As much as I enjoyed Red Dead Redemption I never managed to complete it. I'm a bad person. Bully 2 would be great!

imtheman20131476d ago

I've been asking for a Bully 2 since I finished the original. Easily one of my favorite Playstation 2 games ever made.

Kal8531475d ago

I totally agree that a Bully sequel would be awesome!

Hellsvacancy1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Typical kinda list, has everyone forgot about awesome games like Mafia or Just Cause? these are the games I wanna see at E3

"Half Life 3" we'll still be hearing that at E3 2020

AlanaFearnall1476d ago

Maybe they have typical opinions!?
not everyone is going to be excited about Mafia or Just Cause. Everyone can be excited about different games. no hate:)

slasher_jpc1476d ago

So basically, they didn't pick what you want so it's typical. This post is....typical.

BuddyAcker1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

I would love to see Just Cause 3 at E3 seeing as how the second game is one of my favorite last gen games (I've played through it four times). The Mafia games aren't all that great, so I think I'd be OK without an announcement as pertains to that series. But if one happens, more power to it and its fans!