E3 2014: What to Expect From Microsoft

Last year, Microsoft dropped the ball: big time. As we head into this year's E3, they're falling behind - decimated by sales of the PS4, the Xbox One seems to be on its last legs. E3 2014 is the company's last hurrah: will they be able to save their console? Talkingship takes a look at what you can expect from their press conference this year.

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Bonkerz1657d ago

Amazing announcements of new games.

QuantumWake1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

I think MS will have themselves a pretty good E3 this year and that is all thanks to the confidence I have in Phil Spencer. I think announcements of games like a new Fallout or Red Dead would surely steal the show.

MS need to focus on the exclusives front as well as announcing some new studios and new IPs. Though as of right now in terms of games for 2014, I think Microsoft's line-up is pretty stacked. Right now we have Fable Legends, Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, and maybe Halo 2: Anniversary (or Halo HD Collection). That's a pretty solid line-up of games for 2014 on the XB1. Xbox gamers will surely be busy this fall.

Only 5 more days to go! I'm excited!

Ctiboi20101657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

@Quantum Wake

Wouldn't it be interesting if N4G had a system that told you who agreed with your comments? Kind of like how Facebook tells you who likes your statuses...I think people would think twice about disagreeing to random posts just for the sake of it. Plus they would have to be able to back up their disagreement, unless of course they were just trolling lol

Ctiboi20101657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

I'm done guessing, at this point with the announced news Microsoft has been revealing as of late I'm interested to see what new announcements will be made at E3. I just figured they would've kept those for the actual event. I'll just have to wait and see but I'm still excited nontheless.

Bundi1657d ago

Games and games if Phil is to be believed.
I want only games coming out in the next 18 months to be shown/annouced Leave 2016 games for later shows.

Chiefoverlord2291657d ago

I don't care what console comes up with it first x1 ps4 Bethesda so forth, fallout 4, figure it out...NOW!

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